15 Everyday Habits That Gives Away Parts of Your Personality

Habits of Your Personality

6. Tanning booths 

Do you visit tanning booth despite knowing the negative effects of tanning? 

1. Scientists claim that the desire to tan under the artificial sunlight shows that people have other addictions.

2. Such people are vulnerable to seasonal affective disorders and are six times highly likely to become alcoholics.  

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7. E-mails

A person’s mailbox habits gives away personality details:

  • If you never ignore new letters and try to sort them, delete, or respond as soon as you get them, then you love keeping things under control.
  • If you rarely delete messages after reading, it is a sign of perfectionism. You want to have a sense of security so you keep everything just in case.
  • If you leave e-mails unread and don’t delete them, then you are more intelligent because you understand that these letters are not fruitful for you and choose to not waste your time on it.

8. Shopping

Your shopping habits reveal your preferences:

1. Visit a drugstore and scrutinize the ingredients on each tube of toothpaste until you find one that suits your needs? If yes, then you are what scientists call an “explanation fiend”

2.  If choose your desired product quickly and assume you know how it works, then you are  “explanation foe.”

According to a study, explanation fiends are people who have an eye for details, love to analyze information, and detail about products. Explanation foes, on the other hand, refers to people who aren’t into a detailed analysis of products and prefer more general information.

9. Punctuality 

Whether you always love to be on time or not reveals you are Type A or B 

1. If you are chronically late, then it’s a sign of a laid-back attitude – Type B person.

2. If you won’t leave the house until everything is in order then you are a perfectionist.

3. If you get high from reaching office to meeting deadline, then you are a crisis maker. 

4. If you are overly optimistic about how much you can accomplish in a certain amount of time, then you are a dreamer. 

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10. Selfie style 

The way you pose when taking selfies to reveal your openness about new experiences:

1. Positive emotion indicates extraversion and openness.

2. Click selfies from below, then you are a friendly person.

3. If you hate to reveal a private space in the background, then you are a conscientious person.

4. If you make duck face when taking a selfie then you may be neurotic.

11. Walking style 

The way you walk every day reveal a lot about your personality:

1. If weight is forward and your stride is quick – you are a productive and logical person.

2. Walking with your chest forward and shoulders back with head held high, then you are fun, charismatic and socially adept.

3. If your weight is over your legs, not forward or back, you’re more interested in people than in tasks and more focused on your personal life than your career. 

4. If you’re light on your toes when you walk and your eyes are glued to the floor, you’re most likely introverted and polite. 

12. Your Handshake

1. If you like firmer handshakes than you are an extrovert, positive and emotionally expressive person. 

2. If you prefer looser grips during a handshake then you are more shy and neurotic.

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