Every Time you get Upset


Every Time you get Upset

Every time you. get upset at something, ask yourself if you were to die tomorrow, was it worth wasting your time being angry?
-Robert Tew

23 responses to “Every Time you get Upset”

  1. Craig Fisher Avatar

    If there was another soul involved it was worth it.

    1. The Minds Journal Avatar

      Yes. At times 🙂

    2. Craig Fisher Avatar

      That would be the time don't ya think.

  2. Yolanda Miller Avatar

    I use to get angry alot more….now….I chilax cuz it's not worth it

  3. Elizabeth Prescott R Avatar

    Some situations require that response. If not for anything else maybe just temporarily to teach oneself a lesson. I validate every feeling I have and learned to trust them. Anger is a strong emotion than most of the time comes from love.

    1. The Minds Journal Avatar

      Anger mostly harms us in all possible ways,
      Be it health, mind, relationships or anything.

    2. Elizabeth Prescott R Avatar

      I agree. Not acting out in anger. Just simply trying to find out why you are angry in the first place. To constantly hide or keep inside feelings are unhealthy as well.

  4. Vivek Kumar Gour Avatar

    Rather being angry…i will laugh out loud

    Coz wise man said tomorrow never come

    1. The Minds Journal Avatar

      Laughing is a good therapy 😀

    2. The Minds Journal Avatar

      I couldnt but stop laughing too imagining how would the other one react to it.

  5. Townsend Brian Avatar

    I don't get angry, I get even lol

  6. Sishange Simon Avatar

    i hardly get angry 🙂

    1. Dan Capistrano Avatar

      how'd you do it? is it mind training or are you one of those who are genetically happy.

    2. Sishange Simon Avatar

      genetically happy…. and i could say mind training again avoiding situations that will make me angry no matter how hard

    3. The Minds Journal Avatar

      A stable mind is a blessing

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