Every 7 Years Your Body, Mind and Spirit Evolves This Way

 April 23, 2018

Every 7 Years Your Body, Mind and Spirit Evolves This Way

Our ideas of morality change. We become aware of our sexuality, we tend to choose a partner for our own needs and have a difficult time figuring out our boundaries.

Independence is one of the key driving forces of this period.

A number of us experience this urge to break away from home. Our childhood fades away leaving behind scars which affect our world.

This stage needs to add maturity and dignity to us. If it doesn’t happen, then we are labeled as lacking maturity.


  • 21-28 years:

This is the stage of refinement. The child finally enters into the stage of adulthood mentally and emotionally.

We start creating the base of our career and relationships which will earn us respect in the larger world. The sparks of interest seen in earlier cycles have a definite shape and abilities are more developed now.

In relationships, we learn to choose our partners based on the human beings they are. We learn to live a life with them by loving, supporting, adjusting, respecting, compromising without causing any harm to ourselves.

We act with our faculties of intuition, judgment, understanding, and insight. We start handling our relationship issues in a positive way and face the challenges in our professional levels.

If the personal problems aren’t healed now, we will be facing them in the later years.


  • 28-35 years:

This is the phase where our creative process of mind comes to the forefront. Researchers and artists are at the peak of their careers at this point of time.

According to scientists, the association centers of the brain come to its peak at the age of 35.

The emotions become subtle.

We understand ourselves better and we realize who we are and what are the characters forced on us by our family, friends, and society.


  • 35-42 years:

A new restlessness is being felt depending on one’s personality and circumstances.

Our careers, habits, relationships are evaluated by us, modified and changed. We can identify what makes us from the ones that don’t.

For those who haven’t reached their peak of realization or creativity in their earlier phase, this is the time they do.


  • 42-49 years:

This is the stage when major changes in our lives take place. We self-introspect and take major turns be it in career or relationships.

If we haven’t made any mark in life already, we try to achieve it at this age.

Emotional love is more of an unconditional love now but a lot among us tend to retain that emotional age of a child.

This is the age we start discarding stereotypes and believing in ourselves.


  • 49-56 years:

This is the age of spiritual awakening. With the loss of our strength and vitality, we look inwards. We accept the changes in our bodies.

For the ones who haven’t realized who they are and what’s their purpose in life, this age is the age of extreme depression.


  • 56-63 years:

This is the age of accepting inner peace and embrace tranquility in life.

There’s a great shift in adjusting to our aging bodies, our relationships and our changing perceptions of the world around us.

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