Do You Ever Just Want To Go Outside


Do You Ever Just Want To Go Outside

Do you ever just want to go outside in the middle of the night and walk around and not actually do anything just observe and think and stuff?

75 responses to “Do You Ever Just Want To Go Outside”

  1. Manjusha Groodoyal Avatar

    Yes! And it’s a bad sign! Usually people who are depressed and have lost desire to live would actually pave that way :/

    1. Anupa ManUnited Avatar

      What crap?? ki couyonad aster??? pff >.< dpui matin tn matt and i don't even know the reason.

  2. Mrinmoy Papon Maps Archer Avatar

    i always do it! around 3am! its my favourite time 🙂

  3. Marlene Jonas-Barnes Avatar

    Yes..nice to know that I am not alone in feeling this way!?

  4. Rox Hemmingway Avatar

    yes, and not worry about being mugged and beaten up!

  5. Hanbal Zin Avatar

    Used to do that a long time ago…not anymore…:-)

  6. Andrea Steil Avatar

    Have a dog and you will

  7. Maria Syed Avatar

    I love to but afraid to be out at that hour by myself . Maybe just sit on the balcony and enjoy …

  8. Erin Dunn Avatar

    My bf and I did that often when we were first together.

  9. Sphelele Gxula Avatar

    I rather sleep actually

  10. Hassam Cordova Avatar

    Your saying people don’t normally do this??

  11. CoLetta Griffin Avatar

    I don’t jus want, I do when opportunity comes

  12. Gail Kent Avatar

    Sometimes i work the late shift and return home around midnight. On a clear night i always stop and look at the beautiful night sky. Do a slow circle and breathe it all in. If its not below zero and freezing, i will wander for a while and get rid of the world

  13. Janice Bell Ridgley Avatar

    I do…one of the best times to look, listen, think and be thankful…

  14. Janine Stranger Avatar

    what do you mean ‘want to’… I do it most nights.

  15. Susan Saulnier Avatar

    Agree with Simone, beautiful times of day..

  16. Will R. Vieira Avatar

    Ye… Then I remember that I probably don’t want to get mugged. Lol

  17. Jas Yasmeen Avatar

    Yaa, that is so me 🙁

  18. Deeba Majid Avatar

    i really want such time 🙁

    1. Jerick Reaño Avatar

      Ako yan hahaha ?

    2. Francis Vincent Avatar

      Hindi. Gaya gaya ka lang sakin hahahaha

    3. Jerick Reaño Avatar

      Wahahaha ako n…ako n hahaha kau kasi

  19. Patrick Farris Avatar

    I do it all the time. I do most of my praying there and it is more beautiful than any church. I am sure that Christ and the early followers did the same.

  20. Aissatou Sunjata Avatar

    Yes, but I live in the Hood, not safe. B|

  21. Kym Storrs Avatar

    Almost every night. I live in the woods and enjoy walking my dogs in the middle of the night. No sounds of humans to hide the music.

  22. Tish Christian Avatar

    No I live in Westcliff that shit isn’t safe lol

  23. Julian Silver Avatar


  24. Sri Priya Somisetti Avatar

    May be it will guve you peace it depends

  25. Simone Erasmus Avatar

    or even the early hours of mornings.. most beautiful moments one can have on those empty quiet streets with all the natural sounds , winds birds . ☺️

    1. The Minds Journal Avatar

      Morning brings in hope and night gives signifies peace

    2. Simone Erasmus Avatar

      ” The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you . Do not go back to sleep ! ” Rumi ☺️

  26. Steve Wild Avatar

    No,I don’t want to get attacked!

  27. Puja Gupta Avatar

    Yes, I do want to

  28. Jessie Stokes Avatar

    Keith Woodman is this what you’d do?

    1. Keith Woodman Avatar

      How I used to. It was mostly an interesting way to listen to albums.

    2. Jessie Stokes Avatar

      Still cool non the less.

    3. Keith Woodman Avatar

      There’s a stillness to the night. Less urgency to be productive and more welcoming to observation. There was also a voyeurism to it knowing you’re the only one checking out the neighborhood while everyone rested. Staying active during others regular period of inaction.

    4. Jessie Stokes Avatar

      I bet. I’d get creeped out and probably scare myself enough to run home.

  29. Kiran Bais Avatar

    Yes power of darkness and your existence ? and when you sing you only hear it ? ?

  30. Yolanda Glenn Avatar

    No….I live in Brooklyn!!!

  31. Kim Strong Avatar

    Yes, quite often I feel that way.

  32. Felicia L Jones Avatar

    I would love to tale walks near the water at night, unfortunately that is not a safe thing to do where I am.

  33. Perry Dave Avatar

    It’s only possible if your subconscious mind feels guilty, because sometimes inner thoughts awake suddenly at midnight. If you are fully spiritual or fully understand the law of karma NO need to think anything. it’s my personal individual opinion not related to any individual.

    1. Chey Sanchez Avatar

      I disagree. I think it has a lot to do with tragedy as well. When I’m greiving that’s what I do. I stay up all night, not able to sleep. Just wanting to stare up in the sky and try to accept that things aren’t as bad as they seem.

    2. Perry Dave Avatar

      Respected Chey tragedy is created in life due to some tragically unplanned planning once you free your self from all such problematic issues i don’t think anyone can ruined your sleep…it’s absolutely based how’s we designed our life sometimes over sensitive and emotional feelings create new chapters in life according to my knowledge i think you have to solve your past tragedy and focus on good health and good routine life.

    3. Fatti Chatti Avatar

      the night is dark ,but with meditation at the most silent moment of the day ,we can feel light of GOD .Muslims believe that GODcome to the dounia sky in the third part of night & we must pray to receive grace !

    4. Perry Dave Avatar

      God helps those who helps themselves and God had given mind to think and utilize in correct direction it’s depending on your way of thinking always keeps space in your relationship and activity your major problem will be solve

  34. Jyoti Agarwal Poddar Avatar

    Yessss !!! Some times !!! It happens to me !!!! I do .sometimes when I see God in the dream ,I just ran after him .it was dark very dark .I opened the door I had gone out of my house. It makes so comfortable.when U go out.U know I didnt get frightened also.soooo thrilling experience.

  35. LouAnn Mitchell Avatar

    Yes I do. I will go out & sit on my patio at 2:00am

  36. Robin Swatland Avatar

    I do it all the time!

  37. Patty De La Cruz Avatar

    I used to do that all the time as a teenager.

  38. Sheeba Siamate Mwamba Avatar

    Without any clothes on ryt!!! Yes I do !! But then in Africa u can be mistaken for a wizard. . Lol

  39. Rollie Sibayan Avatar

    Yes, love the stars

  40. Janel Rees-Morrison Avatar

    Not worry about getting stabbed to death and what not…

  41. Astra Kiro Avatar it

  42. Debra Pry Avatar

    Love the midnight air <3 clears my mind <3

  43. Yanet Curtis Avatar

    I’d do it if I were invisible.

  44. Urvashi Goja Avatar

    Always. Love the midnight aloness.

  45. Zeenia Falcon Avatar

    If with you why not… By my self i’m scarred…

  46. Kim Glenn Avatar

    I used to go for walks around the park in Moscow Id at 1 or 2 am when I lived there … loved it.

  47. Jerry Kontos Avatar

    Yeah, middle of the night; listening, feeling, observing.

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