Eternal Love- Are you looking for a ride? – Mind Talk

Here in this 12×12 room, at a breath’s distance, when I look closely at you,
it’s like a labyrinth of emotions, a never ending maze- waiting to be decoded.
You don’t remain ‘You’ anymore, you become a phenomenon.
Your eyes seem to me an instrument to nothingness or a path to everything
If only I had the right words, I would tell you how awestruck I feel.
There is this unstated linkage, a joining. It is so incredible,
I can understand your words, your confused thoughts, your dilemmas, your answers, your regrets, your dreams- all at once, without your lips even moving.
In that very moment, I am also scared, this moment might die, it has to go on, there is something at the other side of this moment, we have to hold onto this and see beyond, it may be the very purpose for which we have been sent here, flanged away from some other galaxy, floating from a milky way billions of years away- two atoms not letting go off each other, we sailed through to this planet!
May be we halted on other galaxies- lived there, danced along, made love and died and then re-embarked on our journey to this place- where now? Till when? When did it start?
There are questions and there are answers that I keep on looking in you…
I deny that we meeting was a mere coincidence, it was written by the mystic, we were sent for something!
Call me mad– what if I tell you that I feel that every time I see you, I see you for the first time and the journey has just begun to a destination far from here, billions of light years away, into some other galaxy, into different dimensions- to a 12×12 room, our ultimate terminus!
Are you looking for a ride?

– Avinash Singh Tomar


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