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10 Signs You Are An ESFP Personality Type

Signs You Are An ESFP Personality Type

5. Hawk-eyed and rational.

ESFPs are extremely observant people, whose eyes seldom miss anything; they tend to notice things that other people might miss very easily. Because they are focused people, and they always concentrate on the present, they end up noticing and observing every little thing that is happening in front of and around them.

Another thing which ESFPs are really great at is being practical. They never ponder or dwell over things for too long, and always choose to focus on what they can control. You will never find an ESFP romanticizing or obsessing about the ‘what-ifs’ of life.

6. Sociable and witty.

Does this really come as a surprise? ESFPs and amazing people and social skills go hand in hand, and they are probably the best when it comes to this. They love talking to people and paying attention to them, and more often than not, they turn out to be the life of the party. They are funny, intelligent, witty, and amazing conversationalists.

Because they are true blue extroverts, nothing makes them happier than socializing with people and conversing with them. Staying at home every day is something they hate, and they itch to go out and have fun every chance they get.

7. Immature and stubborn.

People belonging to the ESFP personality type are probably some of the most immature people out there, due to their unwillingness to understand that some things in life need to be taken seriously. They are so caught up in the present, that they fail to see that they need to be prepared for the future, and for that, they need to work for it.

Now, when you add stubbornness with immaturity, it is truly a recipe for disaster. Because no matter how much you might try to push them, encourage them or counsel them to do the right thing, they won’t do it, unless they want to.

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8. Materialistic and bad with money.

An ESFP’s impulsivity sometimes spells trouble for their finances, due to them spending it very recklessly and without thinking. They end up spending a ton of money on things they don’t need, without thinking about the ramifications and their financial condition. Their love for materialism makes it difficult for them to save money, or spend it when they actually need to.

They are way too materialistic to cut back on mindless spending. They love to experience the finer things in life, and seldom show any restraint when it comes to careless expenditures.

9. Optimistic and happy.

ESFPs like to go with the flow, and they see life with a lot of optimism. No matter what they go through, they always believe that tomorrow is another day, and everything will be alright in the long run. They always look at the bright side, and their hopefulness and enthusiasm are highly contagious. ESFPs firmly believe in the adage, “Live every day as if it’s your last.”

Due to their optimism, they are also very happy people who always walk with a spring in their steps. Happiness radiates off them, and whenever you spend enough time with an ESFP, their energy is bound to rub off on you.

10. Soft-hearted and generous.

An ESFP is a soft-hearted person with a heart of gold, who never fails to make the people close to them special. They will stand by you whenever you will need them, and their loyalty is unparalleled. They are very protective of their loved ones and always support them, no matter what.

ESFPs are also very generous people who love to spoil their loved ones. Spoiling someone rotten with gifts is their way of showing their love for someone. Moreover, they never hesitate to help someone with their finances, because that’s just how big their heart is.

Best Career Paths For ESFP Personality Type

ESFPs flourish in work environments where they can have a hands-on approach and an active personality. Sitting at a desk and doing a 9-5 job every day is not their cup of tea. Places, where they can have fun, and be spontaneous, are the perfect places for them. And if they get to work with energetic, friendly, and fun-loving people, then that’s just the icing on the cake.

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