Escaping that Overwhelming Urge to Run away

“Tick tock, tick tock” I hear that sound of the clock as I sit here with the lights turned off.

Weaving thoughts in solitude; about each and every entangled edge of my life. Have you ever felt that urge of escaping everything? Like not for just a while, but to just vanish away from wherever you are and never come back again? Like to just simply disappear, forever?

Sometimes when the day goes against you, when you unintentionally hurt those you love, when you mess up your precious time in doing unimportant things, when you over think a little too much, when you end up your day while gaining nothing. In such unwanted times, I guess we all think about escaping the harsh circumstances. But then you know, this thought of non-existence always leads one to a dead-end, where the reality hits you hard that “Escape is just an illusion.”

Well, certain misleading nonsense thoughts about everything impossible more often leaves one in depression. But then you survive, like always. For like everything else in this world, this urge to escape is also temporary.

So the next time this urge approaches you in the times when it shouldn’t at all. Instead of fantasizing about getting lucky on finding a pot of invisible ink hidden somewhere, try to think about how beautiful the life would be once you’ll surpass all the awkwardness that might be bothering you for time being. Always try thinking about matters from a positive and constructive point of view.

Practice thinking and dealing with life out of that box; in which your fears attempt to overpower your potentials. And you shall experience a beautiful life, beyond your expectations. Cheers!

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