Escape From Reality

Escape From Reality

There was once a girl,
who used to believe in the world.
But as time passed away,
nothing more left to say.
Each broken fragment screams,
about her once beautiful dreams.
Slowly she is dragging herself away,
all the night, all the day.
Finding a way on this stormy night,
without any clear light.
Abandoning these streets which used to shine,
is like leaving a part of her behind.
She can’t just go weak,
that’s what they teach.
But on her cheeks as it rains,
Her blurry eyes let out the pain,
that her heart hided for so long
that she found it difficult to go on.
Never thought things will go this way,
Just followed her heart, but dead it now lays.
No escape from this crude reality,
Unable to understand nature’s duality.
Against nobody any hard feelings to show,
But its too much, dealing with this sorrow.
Folks are shouting to help.
But deaf, she heads to hell.
Too weak to understand or explain,
All her energy is drained.
Now she no longer believes,
Her wounds will ever heal.
An ultimate detachment she seeks,
Hoping all her pain will leave.

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