Epiphany. We let him go so easily now he’s watching us somewhere peacefully,
life’s tied with a fragile thread, which can’t be compromised.

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All ifs and buts were put to rest, we all say we tried our best.
Life’s an Epiphany not realised by many, his demons overpowered his will, now there’s void in our chests which no one can ever fill.

They say he had a heart like a cold stone, then why in his last days he became a child?

He left us all in pain,everything’s at cease but i’m sure his soul is at peace.

God took his pain away, at last he solved life’s mystery for us all

Life’s an epiphany, too short for regrets life’s all about forgetting fake threats.

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Ritika Verma
Just a girl in the learning phase, when I'm not busy designing clothes, I write about life and everything that revolves around it. Mental health survivor, mental health advocate, body positive and confidence advocate.


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