Ephemeral is something I don’t seek

I like sitting alone in café and drinking tea while reading a Paulo Coelho book. I like to sit alone in the park humming an Uncle Kracker song. I like riding the bus alone and walking to my home, watching the lilac sky. I talk a lot but I still put headphones and have my lunch alone in the corner of a crowdy room,sometimes.

I don’t make friends easily and I admit that I am socially selective. I may care,cooperate and be supportive but I can’t guarantee that I can give my trust instantly. To trust someone takes time for me.
To be honest, Whenever I see people happily talking and enjoying with other people around me having the times of their lives I realize even though I like being alone, I don’t relish the idea of being left forlorn. I don’t desire to be lonely.

But temporary is something I don’t seek. I don’t save numbers on my phone because I am tired of deleting them after a while. I don’t like the “we don’t talk anymore” scenario. I find it amusing how we start like soulmates,enjoying each other’s wit and vibes,talking late at nights and I end up thinking if we are even friends anymore.

So if it’s being all by myself, I will still be okay. But I don’t need someone who’d walk half the way with me in a dense forest in the dark and leave me in the middle of nowhere. I would rather wish and wait for people who’d make an effort to keep me around.

The stars and sky are yet breathtakingly beautiful but unvarying. The world is mad and the people are sad. I just want someone to be that constant and still exhilarating.

In a world full of hey’s and goodbye’s, I’d fancy to be a part of something everlasting. I wish to be an endless conversation once in a while.

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