10 Signs You Are An ENTJ Personality Type

Signs ENTJ Personality Type

5. Motivating and magnetic.

Because of their organic leadership skills, they can very easily influence people to follow their lead. Add to that an inspiring and captivating personality, and you have got an irresistible combination. Others want them to be their leaders, and this just makes their job simpler.

One of the good things about an ENTJ is that they don’t just push and command others to achieve their goals, they motivate and encourage them too. They always try to motivate others to give their best in whatever they embark upon.

6. Strategic and intelligent.

The ENTJ personality type is always very strategic when it comes to making decisions, and they never do anything impulsively. Before taking the next step, they stop and think hard, and only when they are absolutely sure about what should be done, they do it. You will rarely come across an ENTJ who just ‘wings’ it.

Their strategic and analytical mind makes them some of the most intelligent people out there, who seldom go wrong with their plans and decisions.

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7. Impatient and intolerable at times.

Some people might take some more time to think things through so that nothing goes wrong. However, ENTJs are so impatient that they cannot stand delays of any kind. Their impatience can get so annoying, that it threatens to disturb the peace and organization of the team they are in.

And not just impatient, they can be pretty intolerable too, with their constant snide remarks about people who take a bit too long to get things done.

8. Arrogant and cold-hearted.

ENTJs can be very arrogant and shame those who don’t agree with them or are not on the same page. They are always convinced that they are right, so they think that anybody who doesn’t share their opinions is completely wrong.

If someone tries to correct them or call them out on their nonsense, then an ENTJ is going to be the most cold-hearted and merciless person ever. Most of the time, they believe in the motto of ‘My way or the highway’.

9. Blunt and nitpicking.

Because ENTJs are perfectionists, they always want everything to be perfect and flawless. They will constantly keep on finding flaws and tiny problems in every plan which they haven’t made. ENTJs do this even when there really isn’t any problem; they just want to criticize and nitpick.

If they do come across any shortcomings, they will not hesitate to ruthlessly criticize the person/people responsible for that. They will go on and on about how wrong they were and how they should have done a better job.

10. Mentally strong and a go-getter attitude.

One of the best things about the ENTJ personality type is that they have immense inner strength, and criticism hardly affects them. Criticism doesn’t bog them down, rather they take it on the chin and work harder than before.

They are always raring to go, no matter the circumstances, and always focus on are their goals. Once they know what to do and how to do it, nothing can stop them.

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