Energy Update – Real-Time – From Personal Experience In Christ Consciousness Of Being In 6D In The Human And 8D In Spirit


Anastacia-Blue Beyond – Mammoth (gradual) Re-Birth-Extreme Exhaustion-Original Separation from Source – 2nd February 2017. This information is NEW and very in-depth and was collated over 3-4days. This was going to originally be shared in parts, however it has come from Spirit that this needs to be shared all at once, for the energy of the Bigger picture needs to be together.

* Remnants of old, past behaviors

* Doubts

* Heavy Energy

* Having our Energy Out

* Death of the Old

* Breaking through old Paradigms

* Extreme Exhaustion!

* Blending the Old with the New, with a New Link

* Strengthening of our own Re-Birth Womb

* Ultimately the Core is-Our Original Separation from Source

* A Re-Charge of Energy

* And then…

What Is Going On?

Remnants Of The Old Of Past Behaviors Or Addictions

Due to shifting into a new space with something we did or how we behaved in the past, and have settled into a new way of doing things now, remnants of ‘old ways’ have come up to be healed.

Just say, one acted or behaved in a certain way and then had a massive shift or altered this behaviour, that is a wonderful thing, yet what is arising with this is say guilt or remorse from the past way of the old behaviour…to be healed and released.

As in the old ‘stress’ one used to have when they were behaving in a previous way is needing to be released and this TAKES TIME…it is a gradual letting go and blending and balancing out the New space one is in now.

Even though one has or may have shifted and no longer behaves in the old, the remnants of the old are arising to be healed, lots of bits and pieces…a clean out of the old residue.

An example is, if one had an addiction and they shifted out of this, what is coming up is the guilt and remorse of the times one wanted to give up or stop.

The frustration and anger and all else that goes with this…the more severe the ‘beating of oneself up’ over time, the more to be released and healed of the old to do with this.

A clean out of the old with the new re-birth coming in…as this is a slow phase rebirth. Very interesting this is to be done this way, as this is so very different to past re-births – as shared in past BB posts.

It is a very gradual and a blending in or stepping into this, as this is a mammoth re-birth that we have not seen or felt like this in the past.


Then come the doubts. The doubts of the new can just arise…this is part of the balancing out the old and the new…if one feels into this they can release this.

As the ‘head’ can kick in with so many doubts from the past…notice and recognise this…then feel into the new you are in and allow this shift into a balance.

This is the imbalance before the Re-Birth.

In past times, the re-birth would balance things like this out…this time we are needing to feel the im-balance before hand.

Heavy Energy

There is very heavy energy around, linked to the collective releasing so much and I get it is linked to Donald Trump and all that he is bringing up and out. That is all I will say here as I am NOT going into the political side of things.

There is a bigger picture here with all going on and what was once covert is now overt which is having a ripple effect on humanity. Of getting to the core of things, which is bringing this up in humanity collectively.

Having Our Energy Out And Needing To Pull This Back In-Over And Over

As I found it difficult to ‘switch off from all’ and pull my energy back in from everything yesterday. This too has been ‘part’ of this experience…as our Soul and Spirit energy has been expanded out into the world for this new Re-birth…and it has taken a little while of doing the BB Wagon Wheel more than once to bring this back in.

Death Of The Old

And what has come just now is ‘Death of the old’ – in the past this may have been a easier shift, yet this time, there is a GRADUAL letting go of the old that is taking time. Just as this Re-Birth is also gradual.

As I have said before, the 2017 energies with our Ascension are NEW AND DIFFERENT. Compared to past years and only as I am writing this all down in notes and bit by bit, is the bigger picture being revealed as to where we are at and going through right now.

Leading up to our Very New Re-Birth – ‘The long awaited shift and change so many have waited for, for so long’ – those words that just came direct from Spirit.

Breaking Through Old Paradigms

We are breaking through old paradigms..and as we do there is resistance of the this is what we knew that helped us cope and survive in all we were back then, by this I mean pre 2017.

This is going to take a GINORMOUS LEAP OF FAITH…more than what you have ever known.

Letting go of total control….

For example what came up for one soul is avarice and the grieving that came with this…as this was a part of this person in the past, yet with the new energies and the massive shift of 2017, this is no longer deep within resonating for who they are.

So again, bits of the old coming up

Another person who dealt with depression for most of their lives and then in the past year or so came in leaps and bounds, and then recently found themselves feeling a massive depression…so for this person as they have moved into the new energy of 2017, the old of years and years of depression has come up.

A Layer below a layer from years past is what is occurring…this is so new and different and very interesting to share all of this here.

So each area one has shifted into the new and the old is coming back up BUT is no longer there to do so!  The energy being released IS of the old ways one felt.

Extreme Exhaustion

Then there is the exhaustion that is beyond as well…on all layers and levels, just utter and complete exhaustion. A beneficial way to deal with this or help oneself is in the morning allow oneself TIME for the integration of all layers and levels to ‘balance’ out…one may still feel exhausted yet then able to continue on within this in all they are needing to do.

And it is has been extremely exhausting on the Spiritual, Soul, Mental, Emotional and Physical the last place we feel and release is on the Physical.

This will take as long as it needs to in this ‘extreme’ exhaustion release as it depends on what one or how much one has shifted and changed and released of the old in stepping into the new. As in the past we would feel a shift through these layers and levels gradually over time until the last place we felt a shift came through on the physical…this time? We are going through all the levels in ONE HIT so-to-speak.

There is so much healing of the old in a very new way as we are Grounding in a New Way as well.

The message has come from Spirit more than once that –  ‘We Have Time’.

Blending The Old And The New, With A New Link

We are blending the old and the new, with a new link.

Some will get this now and some will get this later…depending on where one is at in all they are needing to experience and go through.

And from this has come we are strengthening our link from Spirit to Soul…(prev BB post)…to allow us to be able to ‘retain’ or be strong enough for the new RE-Birth.

Strenghtening Our Own Re-Birth Womb

Like a womb that needs strengthening to hold an embryo in it.

From this a balancing out of the two Spirit to Soul is occurring right now.

Ultimately The Core Is…

We are feeling abandoned by Spirit. As we have felt this before as this relates to Ancient times and further back to when we left Source.

There is the crux to this! There it is.

Original Separation

Underneath all of this, is our original separation from Source, which makes sense if we are going through a very new re-birth…we are needing to get back to the original separation and all that came with this, as there is oh so very much to this. As I have shared in posts on this over the years.

Peace lies within in this information and knowledge of the ultimate bigger picture.

So there you have it. So much information as it has come in. This was a process working through this as I had assistance from other sources close to me as well to work through this.

‘As we are not meant to be a rock, alone or an island in the bigger picture’.

Much healing was done from Spirit to Soul in our link or tube of the old that was ‘stuck’ there, during writing all of this, as it happened over a few days.

A New Re-Charge Of Energy

Three days and nights it has taken to experience and write and ‘work’ through all of this and right NOW in finalising this post/article – has come through a Re-Charge of Energy!

A New and lighter upgraded energy! What a refreshing and NEW feeling this is as Energy is now whooshing through from Spirit to Soul, flowing like a fast river through my link or tube, my connection from Spirit to Soul.

It is hard to explain this feeling in words, it is like a battery and a re-chargeable one at that, receiving its first lot of recharging energy, is the best way I can describe this (as I don’t really like referring to us with/as batteries).

And Then

I could have left this post with the ending of this new ‘re-charge of energy’ being felt…yet this would not be the truth and ‘realness’ – as later on in the day, then came another wave of extreme heaviness…that needed to be went with as more/some of all of the above continues on.

And as it does, it lessens or one learns or realises the cycle of this re-birth is taking…and one can continue on in all they are needing to within this.

As we continue to re-charge bit by bit, more and more, until we each reach our completion of our re-charge.

Which will ultimately result in a Very New RE-Birth in totality. Of Spirit to Soul…through our Mental, Emotional and Physical bodies.

As the message that came through was ‘This is the long awaited shift and change so many have waited for, for so long’.

And just like all that comes through, I/we will wait and see just what this means too…as in real-time, through our human experience in linking our Soul to our Spirit which is very new and is being newly ‘documented’ as we go.

We are the transcribes/transmuters, wayshowers and ‘movers and shakers’ of our generation and humanities ascension, through realness of personal human experience.

We are living and writing our Ascension as it happens.

We are the way and the light.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty and Realness


Ancient Ascended Master/Trailblazer





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