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Ending Possession

Ending Possession

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The color of her eyes, the stench protruding from her pores, her voice when she spoke was raspy and monotone. This was not the same woman she saw managing the grocery store almost daily. She backed away from the truck, made a pivot, and started toward home as fast as her legs could go.

The rain wasn’t the slightest bother to her; water streaming down her face, clothes soaked and her hair heavy. The argument between her parents that she walked out from seemed like a safe place in the back of her mind now; silently hoping they were still home and for once, still arguing. Maybe she could break it up by telling them about the people she saw in town, the lady from the grocery store and asking if they could help in any way.

When she got back to her house and opened the front door, it was quiet inside. Really quiet. She called out for her mom and dad, but they weren’t responding. Her mind started racing and she started running through the house; up the stairs, through the hallways, looking in every room and around the entire perimeter of the outside. Where did they go? She thought of all the possibilities. Then one last place came to mind. She went upstairs quietly, making sure not to make any accidental creaking sounds and walked slowly along the wall of the hallway, to her parents’ bedroom. The door was cracked, so she had to open it in just a way for the door to stay silent…she walked slowly into the room, making sure to tiptoe with every step; got down on her knees, lifted the bed skirt and saw her parents both laying there on their stomachs, frozen in fear. Her mother spoke softly, leaning into her husband and not taking her eyes off their daughter.

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“Our hiding place didn’t work too well…we were found by the Devil herself.”

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    OMG!!! She is AMAZING!!!!

    Celsie Nace-Shell
    --Author-- Celsie Elizabeth Nace was born in So. Cali in November 1988. She is a single mother of 3 kids; 2 girls, 1 boy. She's always written for fun, but as she started to find herself after leaving her husband of 12 years, writing has become a bigger part of her life. Starting as journals, it took off from there; disturbing mini stories, cliffhanger paragraphs and twisted thoughts. Singing/performing, cooking, shooting guns/bows and arrows, watching scary movies with her oldest daughter Chloe, singing/art with her younger daughter Caycee and throwing knives with her son Colten are some of her favorite things to do in her spare time. She takes residence with her parents and kids in Southern Oregon, always looking for adventures and new places to travel. Special thanks to my Parents for always allowing and providing me the opportunity to try new things and choose what I truly want to accomplish and design my own path to fulfill my greatest desires in life. For never saying that I wasn't good enough to do something and always being my #1 fans through everything. Special thanks to my Minions; Chloe, Caycee and Colten for always letting me break when Momma needs to break, for wanting me to read you my stories, for being humans that I am so proud to call mine and I couldn't love anymore than I already do. Thank you for being the 3 best things I have ever created, or ever will create and thank you for making me feel like the best mom ever; even on my weakest days. Special thanks to Krista for being my rock, safe place, right hand man, and best friend through so much. For introducing me to The Minds Journal, where I got my start as a published author for my creations and writing. For believing in me and pushing me just enough for me to believe I can too. Special thanks to Michael for the amazing gift that made it possible to make it to the point to have the opportunity to take my writing to the next level and beyond. For being a huge support, never steering me in the wrong direction and keeping me level headed through the teeter totter we've been through.
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