How The End of “Being In Love” Is the Opportunity For “Real, Lasting Love.”

End of Being In Love Is the Opportunity For Real Lasting Love

Now having been married for thirty-five years, I understand that there can be some pretty terrible times. But getting through those times together is how we learn about real, lasting love. Over the years we learned to heal old wounds, quit blaming our partner for not fulfilling our needs, and reclaiming our lost power. It’s not easy to work things out together. But knowing about the four stages of love and remembering the words of Carl Rogers and the look of love between him and Helen has guided my journey. I hope it will help guide yours as well.

I love You

The end of “being in love” is the opportunity for “real, lasting love.”

It doesn’t happen fast and it isn’t ever all sweetness and light. But there’s nothing better in the world to do with our lives than to learn to love, deeply and well. I’d like to hear about your own experiences on the path of love. Together we can learn from each other and together we can make a better world.

Written by Jed Diamond Ph.D
Originally appeared in The Goodmen Project

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