Empty Your Mind

 August 14, 2019

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Empty Your Mind

[instead of – we have to ]
Hatred – Love all
Jealous – Admire all
Backbiting – Praise others, see the positive aspect of everyone
Pulling others leg – Mentor others
Hiding information – Share your Knowledge, help others.
Dominating others – Encourage others.

So keep injecting all positive vibes will clean and purify your mind, it will create empty spaces where you can fill it with your new learnings, you can become more creative more enthusiastic.

You can perform your job with more honesty. With Honesty you can become more transparent and approachable. You would get enough quality time to spend with your family and friends and to follow your passion and dreams.

Once Steve Jobs while addressing school graduates at Stanford University, stated, “stay hungry…stay foolish”. Then only you can able to seek learning and accomplishing new things. Your hunger for learning new things will keep you alive, else you are dead.

Empty your mind so that you can learn more, explore more.
Empty your mind so that you can give more, receive more.
Empty your mind so that you become more Honest, more Transparent.
Empty your mind so that your life become more beautiful, more peaceful…

-By Sujit Kumar Das

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