Empty Your Mind

Empty Your Mind

Take a cup and a jar full of water. Start pouring water into the cup. Keep pouring till it gets completely filled.

Now try to fill the water more. What do you see? Water gets spill out of the cup.

Why so?

Because it is already filled and there is no space to accommodate more…


Our mind behaves in the same way. We keep injecting information to our brain and one day we think we can’t take it anymore.

Then we start behaving awkward, we do not pay attention on what others are saying. Basically we block our mind from receiving any new information.

Today’s modern world when any computer gets overloaded, keep logging , then one day it throws Low Disk Space Out Of Memory exception and then we delete old logs, non-required contents , delete stale processes from Task Manager , free up some memory and restart the machine. All set, good to go now.

In the same way, we as a human, shutdown computers and take a break. Some people visit their favorite places, watch favorite games or movies, do party, go to pub and booze.

People take a vacation to clear up some memory and to get rebooted, recharged and rejuvenated. Then Back to work and same story begins to fill up the memory!!

Don’t you think, re-booting the computer is just a temporary solution? We should apply proper Garbage Collection, Which automatically clears up the memory and keep the system running for a longer period of time.

Taking leaves, going on vacations are the things which give a boost, energize us but don’t you think it’s a temporary healing only?

Nowadays, going on vacation also feels like a routine job. Book the flight tickets, reserve the hotel, get the rental car and searching Internet for to-do things nearby.

All look like repeating the same stuffs on each vacation!! Even, in office we keep planning our vacation and on beaches we keep thinking about office and keep spoiling both.

As computer has, so to get the permanent solution we must have to develop a garbage collection system, which would clear up our system, freed up some memory.

There is an algorithm, based on that computer system performs Garbage Collection. We as a human do not have any algorithm.

So, we have to develop one. We have to define the things which unnecessary fills up our mind, eats up most of the space in our mind and kills our precious time. We need to identify the garbage that we are injecting in our mind on daily basis.

Let me help you, Some of them are Hatred, Jealous, Backbiting, Pulling others leg, Hiding information, Dominating others etc.

Do you think, that refraining from above list will help us?

“Do not tell a lie” and “Always speak the truth” both convey the same message. However; first one is negative and the second one is positive. Former is just a statement and the later is a Solution, an Action or at least the steps for what to do next .
Rather prohibiting, we have to inculcate new habits. So, we have to replace the garbage with our positive solutions.

[instead of – we have to ]
Hatred – Love all
Jealous – Admire all
Backbiting – Praise others, see the positive aspect of everyone
Pulling others leg – Mentor others
Hiding information – Share your Knowledge, help others.
Dominating others – Encourage others.

So keep injecting all positive vibes will clean and purify your mind, it will create empty spaces where you can fill it with your new learnings, you can become more creative more enthusiastic.

You can perform your job with more honesty. With Honesty you can become more transparent and approachable. You would get enough quality time to spend with your family and friends and to follow your passion and dreams.

Once Steve Jobs while addressing school graduates at Stanford University, stated, “stay hungry…stay foolish”. Then only you can able to seek learning and accomplishing new things. Your hunger for learning new things will keep you alive, else you are dead.

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