Why You Feel Empty Inside? 6 Probable Reasons and How To Cope

Why You Feel Empty Inside Probable Reasons and How To Cope

There may be some more distorted reasons that you may end up telling yourself about why you are feeling empty in life. But none of these are true. These are NOT the actual reasons for your inner emptiness. However, you firmly believe these false notions and so you do what you think is necessary to fill the void. And this takes you down a path that is even more hazardous for you in this state.

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You start getting addicted to substances like cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, junk food, and sugar. You become addicted to activities like shopping, overworking, sex, the internet, TV, computer games, gambling, and other unhealthy activities. But none of these things can fill the black hole that’s growing inside you. These can provide you temporary solace, but in the longer run, these will do more harm than you can imagine.

“Illusion is needed to disguise the emptiness within.” – Arthur Erickson

What you need to do is identify the real causes for your inner emptiness and focus on addressing the real problem and healing yourself instead of fixing the symptoms.

What is actually haunting you inside

The reason why you feel like a stranger to yourself is actually simple. There is only one real reason for feeling empty: a lack of LOVE. Every other reason that you can come up with for feeling lost inside is in some way or the other associated with the lack of love in your life.

If you are struggling with a feeling of emptiness, then it can be traced back to the complex issues in your intimate relationships. It may be that your parents did not love you as much as you needed or maybe you lost someone who loved you very much or something else entirely.

Love and attention help improve our self-esteem and make us feel important and wanted. And when that love is lacking in our lives we start feeling we are not good enough. Hence, we go through the journey of life with a lot of emotional baggage that makes it even harder than it needs to be.

So the real reason for your chronic inner emptiness is a serious lack of emotional connection and a lack of display of love. But it’s not the lack of love from someone else that’s making you feel empty. It’s a lack of SELF LOVE that causes an emptiness. When you stop loving yourself and abandon yourself that’s when you experience inner emptiness.

You are causing your own emptiness

When you criticize and judge yourself, talk yourself down, ignore your feelings, avoid your passions, numb your emotions with addictions, stay inside your head, and believe others are responsible for loving you and making you happy, you will feel a deep void inside that no one else can fill but you.

Self-abandonment is the cause of your own inner emptiness. You are the cause. You make yourself believe you are unlovable, unimportant, inadequate, worthless, and not good enough. You have made yourself believe that you’re flawed and you don’t deserve to be loved.

Why you feel empty

Let’s break down the causes for your emptiness to gain a better understanding about why you’re feeling empty and lost in life.

1. You don’t understand yourself.

“One must know oneself. If this does not serve to discover truth, it at least serves as a rule of life and there is nothing better.” – Pensées, Blaise Pascal

Do you know who you are? When you are unable to know yourself it can lead to feelings of emptiness. Failing to understand who you wish to be as a person and what you want in life can make you lose touch with your inner self. This leads you to feel that life lacks meaning and you are drifting through life without any purpose.

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