Why Empaths Struggle With Low Self-Esteem And Confidence

Why Empaths Struggle With Low Self-Esteem And Confidence

Stop focusing on how others perceive you and how they feel about you.

Empaths have low self-confidence because they focus too much on others. While doing that, you can’t know who you are. You can’t know what is YOUR energy and what belongs to others. You don’t know where you end and where others begin.

Although the merging of energetic bodies is one of the steps to oneness; you don’t need to take in somebody’s pain. This doesn’t serve either of you. This is NOT the way you heal others.

So, bring your attention back into your being. Stop solving other people’s perceptions of you. It doesn’t matter because everyone will always think something and there is no way for you to control that.

First, spend quality time with yourself. Within your being. In stillness and alone. This will allow you to get to know your true self eventually. The aim is to find your true self and as a result, develop the strong core of your being.

How Can You Have Self-Esteem If You Don’t Know Who You Are?

Take that attention away from others. Mute the sound of your environment and ask yourself what YOU want and who YOU are.

As you can see, empaths have low self-esteem because they overly focus on others.

It’s alright to also focus on you. You’re allowed also to be there for yourself and have time to get to know yourself better. You don’t need to be mentally and energetically available to others 24/7.

You don’t have to be perfect to others; just stay true to yourself.

A related step is to stop expecting others to give you attention, approve you or love you. Those are the deeper wounds that cause empaths to have low self-confidence. The need for others to make you feel whole originates from childhood or in many cases even earlier.

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You can be an empath and a lightworker guiding others while staying balanced and grounded within yourself. In fact, this is the most efficient way; you can help someone. But first, it begins with you.

Written by Sylvia Salow
Originally appeared in Sylvia Salow
Empaths and Low Self-Esteem
Why Empaths Struggle With Low Self-Esteem And Confidence pin
Why Empaths Struggle With Low Self-Esteem And Confidence
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