Empaths and Co-Dependency: What it Means and How to Let Go

Empaths and Co-Dependency: What it Means and How to Let Go


3. Become conscious of your own needs

Almost as a corollary to the point above, as you begin to draw more attention to negative-self talk and receive yourself with more compassion, you might notice something else has shifted: the ability to pay attention to your own needs. This is perhaps one of the biggest issues an empath faces through their life unless they begin to bring conscious control to their behavior. Once you’re in touch with your own needs, it’ll be a step forward in letting go of co-dependency.


4. Become aware of the “right” boundaries

Empaths often balk at saying no or exerting their own influence on a situation. Their need to empathize and be available is so strong that boundaries naturally get watered down. As an empath, you may often be left with a drained feeling and a sense that you are not being able to stand up for yourself. The moment you begin drawing effective boundaries, other people’s dysfunctional patterns cease to impede your growth.


5. Become mindful of your own self-worth

Empaths, and especially those that get caught in co-dependent patterns, have a hard time believing their own worth. While they often intuit and sense much more than the average person, it is common for them to second-guess themselves. Overstimulation around people and circumstances does not help. So over a period of time, many empaths go into a shell and show only a fragmented part of themselves. A way to distance yourself from co-dependency as an empath is to really recognize that you ave the power to make changes and turn things around.


While empaths and co-dependency can often have an association, it does not mean the end of the world. Co-dependent structures are sure tough binds to break out of and empaths are not exceptions. However, with intent towards awareness and change can eventually set you free.

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Empaths and Co-Dependency: What it Means and How to Let Go

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