Empathy Trap: Understanding The Sociopath-Empath-Apath Triad

empathy trap empath

They only care about themselves, their self-interests, needs, and desires, and they will do anything to get it. Targeting empaths is the best choice for them because they know they can take advantage of an empath’s purity and niceness.

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People who are indifferent towards others’ pain, and don’t feel even a little bit of compassion and sadness for them, especially the targeted people, are known as apaths. They are always ready to do the sociopath’s bidding, and whatever they are asked to do. They are blind to their master’s toxicity and evilness, and simply exist to serve their needs, and do their dirty work.

And that is why apaths are a central weapon in the sociopath’s arsenal who plays a huge part in their sociopathic abuse and the consequent trauma. Sociopaths have a keen eye and smart mind to understand who will blindly follow them and do what they are expected to, without asking too many questions.

Now apaths can are not always as bad and toxic as a sociopath because they do have some positive and redeeming qualities in themselves, so why they get involved with a sociopath, might not be that hard to understand, but it’s definitely very hard to accept. The main reason is their lack of insight and strong morals, resulting in questionable judgment and blind devotion towards the sociopath. Another potential reason might be that they hate the target, or are jealous of them, and that’s why they go all out to make their lives a living hell.

Another very important factor is that maybe the sociopath has brainwashed the apath to such an extent, that they refuse to see the real face of the sociopath and keep on believing that what they are doing is the right thing. Or they might feel that their life is too complicated as it is, so they don’t have the energy nor the moral courage to help the target.

Be it passive or active involvement, the apath’s morals, ethics, and consciences tend to take a backseat, and this leads them to follow their sociopathic master blindly.

At the bottom of it all is fear. Apaths are inherently fearful and cowardly people, who only like to look out for themselves and their own interests. They will agree with anything and everything the sociopath does, just to stay in their good books, and to stay safe. Their learned helplessness pushes them to do the sociopath’s dirty work because under no circumstances do they want to suffer the consequences of the sociopath turning their hateful lenses on them.

Apathy is basically an avoidance and survival strategy, and one which keeps them on safer waters.

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A sociopath’s primary target is always an empath because they are simple, good-hearted people who are highly intuitive and perceptive and have a lot of love and compassion to give. They are emotionally intelligent beings who can always sense when something is wrong because they always follow their gut instinct and know the power of it.

In other words, empaths have the ability to understand their emotions very well, and also empathize with what someone else is feeling. Since they understand the spectrum of emotions so well, they are gifted when it comes to handling them and giving the right kind of emotional support to others. Most importantly, they use this quality to work on and improve their emotional capabilities and power.

They are compassionate, open-minded, mindful, and sensitive towards the emotional pain and distress of others, and are always ready with a helping hand, whenever someone needs them. That’s why they always have a hard time dealing with people who lack compassion and are close-minded.

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