The Empath Feels Every Pain You Hold Inside

The Empath Feels Every Pain You Hold Inside
Rachel Leahanna Amburgey

The empath feels
every pain you hold inside,
no matter which masks you wear.

Frankie Crabtree

It was her love
that allowed him to heal.
For it was then that he learned
how to feel.

Frankie Crabtree

Their minds had always been connected.
Each one sensing what the other was thinking.
But it wasn’t until she ventured a touch
That their real power was unleashed.

Madhura Bhide

I know touch has a Memory.
You touch me like
there is more of me than skin.
That chills down my spine
I’m glad that you’re with me and mine
Your Touch is My Heaven

Rinku Shah

A soul connection is rare,
It’s the highest form of care.
A resonance between two people,
A sacred alliance, not just a ripple.
An alchemy beyond the external facade,
One that deserves a loud applaud.
Inspiring both to expand,
Long before either knew
’twas planned!

Sarrvesh Waran

I have my task.
To look beyond other’s mask.
I have this link,
this ability to feel others
and a ferocious unshaken hope
to find the ball of fire in them
so that they may recognize
the light within them
and live truly from then.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Identity of our relationship
A connection beyond human mind’s grip
You can reach my heart,
So easy, it is almost an art,
Nothing needs to be told,
Shared thoughts and magic would unfold
Is this what is called soul connection?

Sunny Marie

You say you’re “okay”,
But I know you’re not
I reach out for you,
Even when your arms are hidden
Behind the mask,
Behind the wall.
I’ll be here for you,
Through it all.

Debra Pry

Some souls are connected,
long before they meet

Ragul Sp

Love touches the soul,
Not the body.

Pepper R. Langley

Never leave someone
who touches your soul
more than your body’!

Dolby Dharma

I see you!

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