5 Emotions That Can Cause You Pain, And How To Control Them

5 Emotions That Can Cause You Pain, And How To Control Them

5. Shame

Shame is the most toxic of human emotion. Nothing is worse for most people than feeling ashamed, embarrassed or humiliated. It’s an emotion that makes you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom.

In some religions, shaming someone or taking away their dignity is considered to be like murdering them.

In the Sufi way, the greatest gift you can give someone is to erase their mistakes in your own mind and to see them purely as if their unwholesome behaviors never happened.

Isn’t that what you would like for yourself?

The antidote to shame is to realize that this human pain exists in all people. Bathe yourself in divine love by calling it to you and opening your heart completely.

To release yourself from shame, release everyone else, too. Know that your mistake ultimately strengthened you and is making you a better, wiser and stronger person.

“Shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we are capable of change.” ― Brene Brown

This life journey is not about acquiring more things, but rather uplifting your own consciousness and transcending every emotion and experience that has held you back, real or imagined, past, present or future.

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Self-hypnosis is taking control of your thoughts and feelings to create the life that you deserve.

So, if you want to learn how to find happiness in your life, it’s time to take the necessary steps.

Create a vision of how you want your life to be. Take a deep breath. See it. Feel it. Give thanks for it.

Emotion is energy in motion and beyond every emotion is a field of infinite presence. Bask in this field, consciously release all toxic emotion, and claim your higher destiny.

Emotions are what make us feel and appreciate the meaningful things in life. But, being too sentimental is also not the answer. Being in touch with your emotions, and controlling the 5 emotions that can cause you pain, at the same time is what differentiates a strong person from a weak one.

If you want to know more about dealing with emotions that can cause you pain, watch this video:

Written By Rena Greenberg
Originally Appeared On Your Tango

5 Emotions That Can Cause You Pain, And How To Control Them
5 Emotions That Can Cause You Pain, And How To Control Them

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