8 Things You Can Relate To If You Were Emotionally Neglected As A Child

 August 29, 2017

8 Things You Can Relate To If You Were Emotionally Neglected As A Child2

6) Do you criticize yourself too much?

Are you very critical of your own self because that is very common for people who have been through emotional neglect?

You will constantly feel the need to be perfect and you won’t even know why. Sometimes you may criticize yourself so much that you might lose all faith in yourself and even your sense of purpose.

Don’t do this to yourself! Trust the fact that you are good enough and you are fine. People from your life have been bad and this is why they made you feel like you are bad. Don’t feel that!


7) Do you love nature or animals more than people?

A person who has been through emotional neglect may end up living a life where they don’t really associate with the people around them. This is perfectly normal. Don’t worry.

You will be able to relate to the natural world so much more. You will be able to appreciate nature at a level at which other people cannot even begin to think.

You might even find solace in hanging out with animals. It is actually therapeutic for you to be in nature or be with animals. And this is perfectly okay.


8) Do you feel like you don’t belong?

But thing is that everything said and done, you will feel like an outsider forever in your life. This means that sometimes you won’t feel like you belong to anyone or to any place.

You might feel that no one understand you or no one pays attention to you or no one cares enough for you. This may happen frequently in your life. Don’t worry. Someday, you will heal and you will finally feel like you belong. Someday, you will make it!

I want to say one thing in the end. Maybe you have been through a lot as a child but don’t let that experience of your childhood affect your adult life.

Don’t. It is not worth it. Take control of your life and your emotions and spread the love. Maybe you didn’t get it but give it and you will feel so happy!

Fill your life with things you love. Fill the blank portions of your life’s canvas with colors that no one can erase.

Love yourself!

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8 Things You Can Relate To If You Were Emotionally Neglected As A Child

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