Are You Being Emotionally Abused By A Sociopath? Here’s What You Need To Know

Are You Being Emotionally Abused By A Sociopath? Here’s What You Need To Know


5. Financial Monitoring:

  • Taking our money.
  • Making us ask for money.
  • Putting us on an allowance.
  • Commenting negatively and criticizing us for what we spend money on.
  • Taking credit cards beyond the limit.
  • Opening new credit cards: coercing us to open them or doing it secretly.
  • Their money and its source are a mystery.
  • Borrowing money from us and not paying it back.
  • Taking out loans or borrowing money we don’t know about.
  • Keeping credit cards or accounts secretly.
  • Keeping income or access to family income from us.
  • Use outbursts of rage to keep us from talking or questioning them about money.


6. Male Privilege and Cultural Advantage:

  • Treating us like a servant. – Even in jest.
  • Behaving like the King or Master of the castle.
  • Making big decisions, family decisions without us.
  • Using beliefs about how women should behave to control us.
  • Defining men’s and women’s roles or husband and wife roles as he demands.


7. Female Privilege and Cultural Advantage:

  • If you were a real man you would…
  • Threatening domestic abuse charges.
  • Staging domestic violence.
  • I’m a woman, so you need to: support me, take care of me, take care of the baby.


8. Sexual Abuse and Emotional Manipulation:

  • Bargaining with sex.
  • Forcing us to be sexual with them.
  • Don’t tell us about their venereal diseases.
  • Belittling us for wanting sexual intimacy.
  • Refusing us physical intimacy under any pretext.
  • Having affairs. Having wives. Having kids. All secret. Or mostly secret.


Our Entire Life with a Pathological Predator is Nothing But Using Our Emotions for Their Gain

They lie about all thing, always hiding what they really are. Every moment of their life is a lie. Everyone they know is someone they’re scamming. They aren’t a real person, not even to the barista or the car wash attendant. The sociopath is constantly putting on a presentation. When we stop believing them – there’s no one there.

Here’s how emotional abuse affects your mind:


Are you being emotionally abused?

“From every wound there is a scar, and every scar tells a story. A story that says “I have survived” Turn your wounds into wisdom.”

Understand that there is a way out of this psychological torment. As long as you are aware of the situation and identify your abuser as a sociopath, you can start the process of healing yourself. Stop giving any attention to the sociopath and walk away if you need to. In case you can’t, minimize the frequency of your contact with your abuser. Simply go no contact or low contact. Seek help from a mental health professional, friends and family members. Start a journal and note down all your thoughts and feelings acknowledging the truth of the abuse.

Getting away from the clutch of a sociopath is never easy. They will keep manipulating you and the effects of trauma will make you feel hopeless and helpless. But know that you can get out of this. Recovery from emotional abuse is difficult, but it is possible.

You are a warrior and you can get your life back on track. 

Stand up. Stand your ground.

You can do this.

Jennifer Smith, founder of True Love Scam Recovery is an author, public speaker, and international private recovery coach and holds support groups in Los Angeles for those coming out of narcissistic abuse and fraud relationships. Guest contributor to Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare. Hear Jennifer interviewed on Mental Health News Radio. Find Jennifer on Instagram @truelovescamrecovery, @truelovescamrecovery_health and @jennifer_smith_tlsr On Facebook and Pinterest Reach Jennifer at, – Jennifer Smith is a pen name.

Written By Jennifer Smith
Originally Appeared On Truelovescam

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