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Emotional Rational And Wise Minds

Emotional Rational And Wise Minds

Emotional Rational And Wise Minds


• Emotions control how you act and react the majority of the time

• Your thoughts are all over the place and you can’t focus

• Your behavior and even your personality seem to change with your emotions

• Overwhelmed by strong emotions

• You get upset by your emotions and feelings

• Strong intuition and gut feelings

• Lots of empathy and compassion


• Rational thinking based on facts with no thought to anything else

• Seeing situations from a removed point of view – disassociating

• Keeping eerily calm while dealing with problems most people would be upset by

• Seeing a situation from all sides

• Pros and cons

• Thinking about cause and effect


• Making decisions from a place of both feeling and logic

• Feeling grounded

• Incorporating intuition

• Examining automatic learned behaviors

• Allows for good boundaries

• Doing what is for your highest good on all levels

• Doing what feels good for the “big picture”

• Slowing down and resisting the urge to be impulsive behaviors

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