5 Traits of an Emotionally Mature Person

 June 19, 2016

5 Traits of an Emotionally Mature Person

Emotionally mature people know themselves and their own values well enough to allow new ideas in, without accepting or rejecting them blindly. They are masters of their own minds. Challenging ideas are invited in, but many are promptly escorted out. Only the select few are incorporated as new belief systems.


4) Diverse Taste

Emotionally mature people don’t feel the need to label things as “high brow” or “low brow”. They are able to accept and enjoy art from both the ancient masters, and amateur peers. This does not mean they don’t differentiate the good from the bad. They simply don’t allow things like the identity of the artist, the medium, the genre, or the time of creation to make this distinction for them.

This sort of person will love classical as well as Hip hop, and burgers along with caviar. An emotionally mature person doesn’t base their identity off the things they consume and admire. They choose the things they consume based on their indignity. This requires conscious self-awareness and acceptance. Most people are too reactive and emotionally unstable to actually know their value system, and thus choose an aesthetic and reject everything that isn’t an obvious fit.


5) Tenacious Curiosity

An emotionally mature person isn’t concerned with the opinions of negative people. Thus they constantly ask questions, without concern for looking stupid, or appearing ignorant. They seek to learn, and reject any person or influence that would hinder them in that goal. They aren’t afraid of learning things that shake up pre-existing beliefs. In fact, they enjoy that feeling. New information isn’t a threat, it’s a promise of enlightening epiphanies. Because they know who they are, but also know they’re never a complete and perfect whole. Expansion and progression excites them. Stagnation is the only fear that controls their actions. Because being the master of one’s emotions means wanting to grow.

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5 Traits of an Emotionally Mature Person

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