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Emotional Maturity Equips Us With The Necessary Qualities

Emotional Maturity Equips Us With The Necessary Qualities That Allow Us To Extract More Joy

Emotional maturity equips us with the necessary qualities that allow us to extract more joy and satisfaction from life, to have more meaningful relationships and to grow. Let’s take the example of being rejected by someone. Sometimes people are disrespectful or rude in the way they do it. Emotional maturity allows you to understand your sense of worth and not tolerate this kind of treatment. But it also allows you to distinguish between when someone is being rude & when they are just not interested. (These situations are inherently different, for example, sometimes the timing is not right, sometimes they are interested in someone else, sometimes your levels of maturity do not match, sometimes they are just not interested etc. etc.). Emotional maturity does not mean bottling in how you feel or pretending that you’re not hurt but it means respecting their decision, and crucially not losing confidence in yourself.

Alex Hales

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