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Emotional Manipulation Tactics

Emotional Manipulation Tactics Moving Goalposts

Emotional Manipulation Tactics –

Moving goalposts – When the criteria shift which have to be met to satisfy the person.

Generalization – When extreme terms are used to accuse someone of certain behavior.

Changing the subject – When a person deflects/ changes the subject when behavior is addressed.

Gaslighting – When a person makes the victim doubt their understanding of reality.

Passive-aggression – When indirectly negative feelings are expressed instead of talking about it.

Lying/denial – When someone is lying to cover up the truth they can manipulate feelings.

Targeting insecurity – When they zoom in on a person’s insecurities making them feel bad.

• Ignoring – When a person ignores the other it is impossible to connect properly.

Conspiring – When a person gangs up with other people to manipulate someone.

Evoking fear – When a person plays on another person’s fears to get what they want.

Stereotyping – When a person dismisses someone as a result of stereotyping (like gender).

Emotional abuse – When a person misuses emotional connection to manipulate others.

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