The 11 Emotional Energy Centers In Our Body: The Mind-Body-Emotion Connection

emotional energy centers

Emotions Are Energy

The word “emotion” is derived from the Greek term “emotere”, which translates to “energy in motion”. Emotional energy is usually neutral by itself. It transports a wide spectrum of feelings and moves energy throughout our bodies. Several studies have now proven that emotions have measurable energy that affects both our mind and body. In fact, research conducted by the late David Hawkins, MD, Ph.D. reveals that emotional energy can negate or foster cell life.

In his book Power vs. Force, Dr. Hawkins shows how our log level (measurable energy level in their magnetic field) varies based on our positive and negative emotions. Moreover, negative feelings like humiliation, regret, hate, shame, and anxiety can bring the log level below 200. It was found that at this level “cells actually died”.

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Emotional Energy Centers Of The Body

Energy creates life. Our thoughts, beliefs, intentions and attention, teamed with our emotional energy, aura and chakras creates our life.

Our emotions and thoughts are always manifested through our bodies. However, when we ignore and suppress emotional energy, it gets stored in the physical body. Identifying the different emotional energy centers of the body can help us understand the mind-body-emotion connection and experience life in a more profound way. 

Let us take a look at the different emotional energy centers in our body (in no specific order):

The 11 Emotional Energy Centers In Our Body: The Mind-Body-Emotion Connection
The 11 Emotional Energy Centers In Our Body: The Mind-Body-Emotion Connection

1. Burden area

This energy center relates to different burdens and responsibilities we face in life. This includes –

  • Carrying a heavy load.
  • Weight of the world on our shoulders.

2. Throat center

The throat center or the communication center is related to your creative identity. It is the body’s emotional energy center for self-expression issues. It may comprise of –

  • Lack of trust.
  • Inability to speak about feelings.
  • Lack of nurturing.

3. Heart center

This specific area is the center for grief, sorrow, sadness & loss and is associated with your social identity. It consists of the following issues –

  • Emptiness of heart, lack of love.
  • Helplessness, loneliness, disillusionment.
  • Embarrassment, shame, humiliation.
  • Repressed feelings, disappointment.
  • Genetic or ancient memory.
  • Cruelty & meanness.

4. Fear center

Also known as the power center, this is the emotional energy center of our body for our fears and phobias. It is related to our ego identity. It includes –

  • Dominance & timidity issues.
  • Fear of losing control or loss of control.
  • Giving our power to another person.
  • Relationships.

5. Old stuff center

This particular energy center deals with relationship, family, sexual issues. It is also known as the sexuality-creativity center and is associated with emotional identity. This energy center comprises of –

  • Childhood conditioning.
  • Violation of body or personal space.
  • Something done to us or something taken from us without permission.
  • Molestation, abuse & rape.
  • Impotence, frigidity.

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6. Survival center

The energy center for survival is related to the feeling that we may not survive a life threatening incident. It is related to our physical identity and includes –

  • Violations related to surviving (accidents, abuse, violence, rape).
  • Impotence, frigidity.
  • First-year of life, basic creativity.

7. Anger center

This particular area is the center for anger and rage. This emotional energy center on the body consists of the following feelings –

  • Anger at others.
  • Anger at self.
  • Jealousy.
  • Resentment. 
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