Embracing Darkest Emotions Could Boost Your Psychological Well-being

Embracing Darkest Emotions Boost Psychological Well being

2. In the next study, 156 people were put in a stressful situation; they had to give a 3-minute speech pretending that they are giving it as a part of a job interview. Here also, the people who were more open towards acceptance were able to do considerably well. The subjects were so chosen that more than half of them had experienced major stress (negative) in the past few months.

3. For the final study, the researchers asked 222 people to keep a record (a diary) of the most stress-inducing event of all the days for over 2 weeks. Here also, the people who had been practicing acceptance in the past fared really well. Their diary records proved that they took even the major stress-inducing events lightly. They were able to cope up with the situation.

Resist The Urge To Strive For Happiness.

It is important to demarcate the boundaries of acceptance.

The word means that we need to accept the harsh realities, say, we need to understand that death is the ultimate reality; but acceptance does not by any means imply that you accept any wrongdoings.

Allowing injustice to happen to you is not acceptable. You must never endure injustice.

Svend Brinkmann, the professor at Aalborg University, explains how the negativities that come in life are not unavoidable and thus we must understand that these can simply be avoided by focusing on the positive aspects of life.

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He says-People die in our lives, we lose them, if we have only been accustomed to being allowed to have positive thoughts, then these realities can strike us even more intensely when they happen—and they will happen.

Ford says that, while trying to stay away from negative emotions, we must not run after the positive ones also, as it deviates us from the state of calm. Embracing darkest emotions could boost your psychological well-being.

Thus accepting your state and understanding your situation is the best way to have a healthy state of mind.

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Embracing Your Darkest Emotions Is The Key To Your Psychological Well being
Embracing Darkest Emotions Boost Psychological Well being pin
Embracing Darkest Emotions Could Boost Your Psychological Well-being
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