Embracing Your Inner Procrastinator

Embracing Inner Procrastinator

That’s when she finally admitted to herself that the thesis had nothing to do with who she was or what she wanted to create. She was working on it in an effort to please – and to appease – her boyfriend. She was both afraid of him and in awe of him. He was an abusive man and the relationship was not a healthy one, something she had avoided facing for a long time.

It was the resistance to the thesis that finally got her attention. As she awakened more fully to who she is and what she wanted for her life, she chose to end the relationship. She also gave herself permission to suspend work on the thesis. Shortly thereafter, she landed a job teaching creative writing at a local community college, which she loved.

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Had she not judged herself as a procrastinator, she could have more readily seen that her resistance wasn’t a character flaw, it was a message.

The same is true for you. Your resistance – formerly known as procrastination – has information for you. Before assuming you are lazy or simply unmotivated, pause. Refuse to judge yourself. Determine to love yourself instead. Get curious about what your resistance may be telling you about who you really are and what you really want for your life. And be willing to listen.

Are you ready to embrace your inner procrastinator?

Written by: Suzanne Eder
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Embracing Your Inner Procrastinator
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