Embracing Anger on the Spiritual Path

Embracing Anger on Spiritual Path

The Journey of Anger

By holding a space for anger, listening to its wisdom and partaking in self-empowering actions, anger can take you on a journey from unconscious and powerless to conscious and empowered, but anger is only a bridge and not the destination. Indeed, from a fully awake state, you will discover that you don’t need anger to be empowered, and as a natural by-product of higher consciousness, anger naturally dissolves.

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From a God’s Eye View, the person or people responsible for invoking your anger are actually serving you on your journey to awakening. So, one day, don’t be surprised if anger naturally morphs into forgiveness and forgiveness transforms into gratitude.

Being spiritually awake doesn’t suddenly make you a saint nor do you need to be a saint to awaken, and, contrary to the popular myth, you don’t lose your humanity. Once spiritually awake, you are consciously empowered and free, but you are still you!
That’s all about embracing anger on the spiritual path.

You are love, you are light, and all is well!

Written By Nanice Ellis
Originally appeared on: Nanice.com 
Republished with permission.
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