Embrace the glorious mess that you’re

Embrace the glorious mess that you're
You’re messy and clumsy.. You are very bad in judging others..You do many mistakes and have no idea how to deal with this life..
When you felt heartbreak You promised yourself that you’ll not trust again, but still you did.. Yes, You cried..! you cried every time when you feel unwanted.. but this is the way you are.. You get up after every fall, walk again and give life a big laugh.. 
We take life so seriously and sometimes we forget to think about ourselves, we judge our own self and think why are we not perfect. The thing is we create standards for ourselves and expect to stand on each of them, but when we fail to do so..! We feel disappointed and frustrated..
We start thinking why are we not perfect, why do we make mistakes.. Well this is something can never change there’s no guarantee that we can be perfect in everything. 
Here one thing comes in my mind “to be happy is not to have everything but to appreciate what you have”. There’s a world of beauty and charm lying inside us- and we are blind to it! We lack the quality of appreciation!
Let us not forget that our life is filled with numerous things which deserve our appreciation and gratitude. If only we would pause, reflect and consider life’s countless blessings, we would realize how much there is to appreciate in us and in life. 
“Appreciate yourself “ The eyes through which you see this world, the feet on which you stand, the breath you are taking and I’m sure you’ll find more.. Think of all that you take for granted- you’re a great gift so learn to appreciate all the beauty and warmth which we so often ignore!
If only we see and listen with care, we will never complain that life is boring and dull! When you learn to appreciate the world and it’s people including yourself. you’ll find the grass greener, you’ll see that that the moon shines brighter and the dreariness of life will disappear leaving fresh colours and fragrances behind!
I urge you, at least occasionally to also think oof yourself as precious plant that needs constant tending.
Embrace your own self and celebrate the glorious mess you are..!

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