You Can’t Be A King Until You Embrace Feminine Energy


Every man is routinely faced with the choice to sacrifice Love on the altar of his ambitions.

Sometimes a man’s ambition is as simple as wanting to watch the game. He’ll quickly reject his partner’s bids for connection just to see the next play. I’ve done it. I don’t mean to say a man shouldn’t have his space to relax and enjoy watching other men solve made-up problems. He surely should.

I’m only pointing out how easily and routinely we all – men and women – can dismiss love with the roll of an eye.

When King Arthur first defeats a horde of enemies with his magical sword, Excalibur, even the most hardened men at his side are electrified, invigorated, shocked. As they should be, for when Masculine and Feminine energy partner as One, we can overcome any obstacle.

The first time it happens he confesses, “I wasn’t controlling the sword. It was controlling me.”

After he has fully faced death and is ready to be King – and this happens when he finally takes full responsibility for restoring life to the entire kingdom, even if it costs his life – he learns to fully wield the power of the sword.

He becomes unstoppable, fusing Masculine strength with Feminine magic.

The bad King is easily routed, vibrant life restored to the castle and all the realm.

When men (and many women) start learning to embrace the mysterious Feminine in every human heart, the world will be a vastly different place.

Movies are stories that, at their best, teach us something profound about how to live, how to love.

A movie won’t speak to your heart if it doesn’t say something meaningful about the Masculine embracing the Feminine, together righting the world back to love.

I can’t watch movies anymore without seeing some aspect of all this at play. I see it everywhere actually, in our politics, how businesses work, even in sports and games – in Chess, the King can move only one space at a time. But the Queen, now she’s the one you need to look out for, for she goes as far as she wants in any direction she wants.

I see it within every man and woman I work with. I see it in me.

If you look closely, you’ll see it everywhere, too.

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Written by Bryan Reeves
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