Embargo on bad vibes

Embargo on bad vibes

Twenty-something years ago my dad told me: “Smile and a nice word wont cost you a thing, but bad vibes will cost you a good day.” This sentence still pops in my head at times. 

Funny but it`s true. Whenever you are angry at something or someone, you are not doing yourself any favour. If you are labile enough to let others upset you and then analyse that over and over again, you will achieve only one thing; you will become even more upset and ended up carrying their burden on top of that. 

On the other hand, you wont feel exhausted when being nice, even if being such to people who don`t necessary deserve it. You will feel better than letting negative people reflect their negativity on you. 

What do you think makes us humans others will remember in a good way? Let me tell you a secret which we should have all known by now – it is not how much you own or what have you achieved in your life. It is certainly amazing if someone`s PhD in Quantum Physics is his life project, but what makes you something special is how you act towards people who can`t give you anything in return, people who aren`t necessary your cup of coffee or they come from a different background than you do. Little things like smile at 6 in the morning when everyone is pissed off because it`s three cups of coffee too early for interacting with human kind, adding those 80 cents to someone`s bagel at the cashier`s when he couldn`t pay it otherwise, or just being someone`s sunshine. THIS matters the most.
It`s the same with choosing your significant other. I don`t need your fancy degree if we are not compatible and if there`s no respect and loyalty. You can`t get love and understanding from just looking at the paper hanging on the wall. 

Everyone wants to be surrounded with nice people but no one asks himself whether he or she is one of them. Maybe a majority are as*holes to you because YOU are ignorant, gossipy and you have  something bad to say about everyone. Maybe it`s your turn to break that habit and become a better piece of art than you were yesterday. Everyone`s alter ego is a bit of an as*hole sometimes but let`s not exaggerate too much and too often. 

So you helped someone and he isn`t grateful? Move on. Most of us have already been through that. Next time better leave them out.

You said “Hi” to someone you haven`t seen for years and he didn`t say hi back? Move on. He either didn`t recognize you or was too busy dealing with his own problems. Or last but not least, he was just an A-hole.

If you think you will contribute to the World with your negativity … Well, think again.

You don`t need to be a bad person if someone was bad to you.  It`s good to be straight with someone who went too far with you but it`s also okay to let it go. For good. 

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