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Air, Water, Earth, or Fire — Which Element Are You? QUIZ

Air Water Earth or Fire Which Element Are You

Have you ever thought about what element are you? According to this quiz, your personality resonates with an element that best describes your traits. In this four elements test you reveal some of your major strengths, weaknesses and the best ways you can become a more balanced and composed person.

The Four Element Personality Test

As you know, there are four main elements – air, fire, water, and earth – each with its own characteristics and personality. Each element is connected with different personality types. The energy of the elements tends to reflect your true untamed self. Your behavior, what you like or dislike and your personality traits can help determine which of the elements you are linked to.

Fire, is the most prominent element which is equated with having a strong, fiery personality and being emotional or hot-headed. These people have a deeper sense of compassion and understanding of others. On the contrary Earth types are calm, grounded and have strong a maternal, protective instinct.

People associated to the Water element are fluid and laid back, usually healers, and often more balanced. Whereas, the people connected to Air are rational, free-thinkers who can see the big picture more clearly than the other elements types.

According to the ancient Greeks everything is made up with the four elements and so is our personality traits. By answering these few questions honestly, you can find out which of the 4 elements personality test best represents your heart, mind, and spirit.

So are you ready to try it out this element quiz and see which element you are!

Click Let’s Start To Know What Element Are You!

Answer all the questions in this quiz without overthinking. Choose your responses based on what you find most appropriate and relate to your inner thoughts. Your responses will help us determine which one of the four elements you exhibit the most.

Which Element Are You - Air, Water, Earth, or Fire?

Air Water Earth or Fire Which Element Are You

So, which element are you? Comment your result in the comment section and let others know what you truly represent.

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