Either Love Like You Give A Shit, Or Be Alone

Either Love Like You Give A Shit, Or Be Alone

34 thoughts on “Either Love Like You Give A Shit, Or Be Alone”

  1. I don’t like the language either…it’s gross…Inflammatory for the herd mentality. Writing is an art not newspaper to wrap up fish in. It denigrates language and the humans who read it. I don’t even agree with the premise for all people Of course I want that kind of all in passionate love, but others are not capable or do not want it and who are you or the author to force your will or opinions on others. The language is gross and is reflected in a presumptuous theme…takes no thought or finesse or precision. Insult to the English language.

  2. I believe it is grotesque to equate loving passionately with defecating !!! When did you last actually think what giving a ‘shit’ actually means !!!!

    1. If you want it , you’ll have it…I myself plan on manifesting this soon as this is also who I am…

  3. … all that energy…LOL just wait until you’ve had a couple children, run two businesses… keep up with all the bills/mortgage and keep the home tidy and everyone fed… the only thing you’ll give a shit about is getting a good night sleep… survive all that and it’s the most amazing love of all.

  4. Alass people don’t have the desire for personal developnment that allows this kind of relationship to be a two way street, barriers to intimacy are of mass out here in the real world…Healthy connections have been replaced by social media appreciation and a safe distance of distraction. It takes great effort to be emotionally available to your partner when we have so little time for self-care in a world shaped in productivity and with no understanding self-care is not selfish.
    Throw children into the equasion and it is even harder! I love this notion of ‘love like you give a shit’ I just think the hard bit is finding other people with the same mindset willing to really work hard on themselves and eachother.

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