Eight Lessons We Should Learn From Nature

Eight Lessons We Should Learn From Nature

If you want to make your life perfect (as nature) learn the following  lessons from nature.


“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature it will never fail you.”

Frank Llyod Wright

1. Utilize everything

One of the the especiality of nature is that it utilizes everything, nothing is useless in front of nature;even it utilizes dead bodies to make the land fertile. Therefore we learn the lesson to utilize each and every thing to achieve our goals.

“Success is the maximum utilization of the ability you have.”

Zig Zigler

2. 24 hours on duty

Similarly like nature working more will increase the chance of your success; to achieve your goals there is no break.But keep that in mind work with joy not boredom it will make your future brighter.

3.Be kind to every one

Its the beauty of nature that it is beneficial to every one; in front of nature there is no gender discrimination or caste system. So, be humble to everyone and open the door of your sencerity to every creation of God what ever it is.

4.Be devoted to others

Nature is full of devotion and love;therefore try to be devoted and show concern for others. Being loyal and selfless will fill your life with joy and satisfaction. There is no way to selfishness in nature.

5. Be supportive to others

Today everyone is trying to compete others.But the nature tells us to  be supportive to other people; helping others to achieve their goals is a key to success.

6. Team work

In the cycle of nature everything is linked up; each and every thing of  nature is a part of a great team; which is running the world perfectly. Be a part of this team and learn to work as a team.It will help you to achieve your goal earlier.

7. Be hope full

Learn hope from nature.There is a hope hidden in every seed and root. There is a day after every night and Spring after every Autumn.

“Deep in their roots; all flowers keep the light.”

Theodore Roethke

8. Be patient

Nature teaches us to give our best and wait for the results ;there is no hurry. Be calm and  patient.The pace of nature is patience.

“Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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