The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Egopath His Circle Of Slaves

Any attempts made to change back an Egopath’s opinion of you will only feed their ego. In their delusional mind, they have a logic loop constantly on repeat that goes something like: “Only I am allowed to decide, only I am in control, not you, there’s nothing you can do to change my mind, hah, work harder slave, work as hard as you can, but there’s still nothing you can do about my power because”.

The sooner the ex-Favorite understands they aren’t dealing with a rational, normal, and co-operative human being but a manipulative and malevolent individual abusing their position of power over them, the sooner they can spend their energy elsewhere on efforts that will benefit them in the workplace or otherwise.

The ex-Favorite CAN be promoted back to Favorite IF ALL of the following criteria are met.

1) There is a vacancy for the Favorite role.

2) The ex-Favorite is not deemed a threat, devalued supply means useless but that opinion changes like the wind because,

3) You are the best option available and,

4) The Egopath is out to impress someone by piggybacking on their chosen champion.

Please note no amount of effort on the ex-Favorite is needed to be promoted back, as no amount of effort from the ex-Favorite ever mattered. You can be kicked upstairs from circumstances alone, use that to your advantage. I’m speaking from personal experience, an Egopath will pretend like nothing happened and you get to be the Favorite again. Ex. Your bosses boss gets fired, you become ex-Favorite of the boss, you Grey Rock to remain as non-threatening as possible until a new bosses boss is hired, when that happens the boss praises you to your bosses boss and now you’ve been promoted back to Favorite.

The Favorite is usually guilty of needing those in a position of power over them to have and continue to have a high opinion of them (employee to boss, student to teacher, child to parent). This desire alone isn’t a problem, but it should be a want and not a need.

When the desire is prioritized as a need it becomes a problem that an abuser exploits in order to manipulate the Favorite. Know with confidence that you can’t win them back because they’re using this drama to devalue you more and feed their ego. You can’t succeed as they don’t want you to succeed with them, they’ll move the goalposts again and again while hinting “if you only worked hard enough”.

When they try to covertly coerce or blatantly force you (ex. “Better do what I say or else!”) into this drama just remind yourself no matter how delusional, incorrect, uninformed, inaccurate, contrary to the evidence, or make-believe someone’s opinion of you is, that very opinion they hold so dear, IT SAYS EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM AND NOTHING ABOUT YOU.

Now someone else’s opinion of yourself becomes far less personal when you realize they never gave you a chance, never tried to get to know you, or understand you. Why? All because of their own flaws. Whether they intentionally chose to or not, the fact of the matter is they failed themselves, it’s on them to see your value and worth for what it is and they failed. If they can’t see your worth accurately even when it’s as plain as day and crystal clear, they never will.

Understand you know better, you know your worth because you are living proof of it. Don’t waste your time on changing the opinions of others, deprioritize them, and prioritize your efforts elsewhere. You’ll be much happier and less frustrated. And more productive in case your bosses boss wants to know, it helps you by letting someone higher up you can trust know when your productivity is being negatively affected by the constant nibbling of a predator telling everyone who’ll listen that you’re not doing enough.

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