The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Egopath His Circle Of Slaves

11. Floater

These turds float around, hence the term floaters. They operate from a victim mentality and are devoid of empathy and integrity… they would be a Flying Monkey if they weren’t such cowards.

Floaters try to stay out of the conflict by just floating around but ultimately won’t protect the victim if questioned. This means Floaters cannot be relied upon to do the Egopaths bidding, but the Egopath can count on a Floater being intimidated.

Floaters are enablers because they are and will always be guilty of bearing false witness in favor of the bully, for they fear the bully more than the victim.

Egopaths learn who the Floaters are as part of their prep work, this gives a distinct advantage with the knowledge they can do bad things to someone not just in private, but in front of these Floaters with impunity. The Floater makes the choice effortlessly to not stand up to an Egopath and instead backstab the victim by not being honest with their testimony. They will never back the victim up as long as they fear the bully more. Snitches end up in ditches. Better you than me. Did I mention that Floaters are cowards?

Additionally, Floaters abuse any position of power they have by generally trying to cheat the system with avoidance. Ex. Call Desk worker taking the latest morning shift and the earliest lunch break before lunchtime and coming back just at the start of official lunchtime when no one is calling in to avoid working the busy hours.

Floaters as bosses are almost as bad as an Advocator boss. These weak fearful bosses truly push Hanlon’s Razor to its limit: “Don’t assume malice when stupidity is an adequate explanation. At least, not the first time.”

In truth, Floaters end up being guilty of both. Floaters try to act aggressively to intimidate workers into being afraid because they can’t do any better than that due to their own constant doubts, fears, and incompetence. The silver lining is Floaters don’t try to gain your trust through lies because they lack confidence from their constant doubts, they aren’t quite as malicious or manipulative as an Advocator.

Floaters are notorious for backstabbing and blaming others but they generally don’t plan it out in advance how to lie and who to blame like an Advocator.

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12. Favorite

In an abusive family environment, The Favorite is known as The Golden Child and they are an Egopath in training.

Not all succumb to it, but rest assured the Golden Child behaviors of abuse are not only dismissed but rewarded… as long as it isn’t against the Egopath. While rare, the Egopath may have a Favorite outside of the family, perhaps in the workplace as their “trusted” Go To Person or their Right Hand Man.

However Favorite/Golden Status is short-lived in the workplace, as the power dynamic changes constantly. It is not uncommon for the Favorite to be replaced and demoted to Scapegoat in the workplace. Egopaths are fully aware it is far more socially acceptable to replace you with a new Favorite in the workplace than replace their children in their family. Any Favorite’s feelings of Betrayal give immense satisfaction to the Betrayer who is done using them (for a bit anyway).

The Egopath now wants to establish a new power dynamic where the ex-Favorite tries to gain back their status, forever chasing that carrot. An attempt to put you in The All-Giver role as a punishment to use you up. 

Just because you are being devalued doesn’t stop the Egopath trying to get the most out of you, in fact, devaluing you does the opposite, they now demand more and it’ll never be good enough. It’s safe to say the ex – Favorite will never get their status back because that’d be boring and a perceived loss of control and egopathic supply for the Egopath because they decided you are no longer their winning slave, their favorite slave.

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