The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Egopath His Circle Of Slaves

An Excuser is someone who pretends to keep the peace, pretends to be neutral. But they do this hypocritically by making excuses for the Egopath. Mansplaining is a prominent example of an Excuser excusing a Misogynistic Pig/Egopath. Excusers are always guilty of “explaining” without regard to the fact that the Explainee/The Abused knows more than the Excuser.

“If you remain neutral in situations of injustice, then you have chosen the side of the oppressors.” ~ Desmond Tutu.

Typically, Excusers don’t care about:

  • What you say, so what can you say that would change their mind?
  • Evidence, so what can you show that would change their mind?
  • Logic or Rationality, so what logical or rational argument would change their mind?

These questions all have the same answer. Nothing, it’s a lost cause. There is nothing you can say, show, or do to change an irrational person’s mind once it is made up.

Don’t waste your time trying to educate an Excuser, they have already made up their minds and will be offended, especially if proven wrong.

Correct a wise person, expect to be thanked. But correct a fool, expect to be HATED. Going around trying to correct and even succeeding in correcting these fools will only make them hate you more which is a win for the bad guy. Find out who is in power and who is wise, they are worth your efforts.

10. Dismisser

Dismissers don’t know what the Egopath is really like, just like an unknowing pawn. Dismissers won’t make excuses on behalf of the Egopaths behavior, they know nothing of it. However, they are always guilty of making excuses for THEMSELVES to justify their dismissiveness.

The Dismisser shares traits of an Unknowing Pawn and an Excuser. Their unique behavior comes from misplaced trust, unlike the Floater who acts out of fear. A Dismisser’s trust has been deceitfully “earned” by the Egopath.


The Dismisser has been Idealized/Complimented/Befriended/Charmed/Fawned over/Sycophanted up to by the Egopath. The Dismisser ends up BLINDLY trusting the word of the Egopath assuming they’re A-Okay and will dismiss the other side’s story with complete indifference.

Dismissers won’t believe you because they don’t trust you. You haven’t earned their trust. Your side of the story doesn’t matter, they are indifferent to it and it will be dismissed. They won’t even consider helping you because it’s your problem, not theirs. Oh, does that seem dismissive to you… that’s because it is dismissive.

The Dismisser doesn’t care about both sides of the story, only who can be trusted. “My trust determines who is right! Whoever I trust more has the correct story, duh!“. This Blind Trust based on bad reasoning of “whoever I trust more MUST BE more trustworthy” is a form of Blind Loyalty. Something the Egopath will bank on to get away with their schemes.

A telltale sign of this is when Dismissers say “You’re just complaining.” to get out of it or simply walk away from you. They already made up their mind, they aren’t interested, they don’t believe you. They are dismissing your very real report of abuse.

The Dismisser is always guilty of ONLY giving the benefit of doubt to the trusted Egopath while giving NO benefit of the doubt towards the victim. They won’t investigate because they don’t care. They don’t care because they have no empathy for those they don’t trust.

Dismissers lack critical thinking skills and ultimately fail to do due diligence when it comes down to it. And the victim always pays the price for that.

If a Dismisser knew what the Egopath did and still made excuses on their behalf, they’d be an Excuser. If they blindly followed any of the Egopaths orders, they’d be an Unknowing Pawn. If they followed knowingly and willing and stupidly continued to trust the Egopath, they’d be a Flying Monkey.

If a Dismisser is given solid evidence or you become more trusted than the Egopath, they will stop believing the Egopath over you. But ask yourself, can you out-sycophant the Egopath? If yes then ask yourself, is it really worth it?

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