The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Egopath His Circle Of Slaves

The turning point and key identifier of a Flying Monkey is someone that will hurt others at the Egopaths command. Flying Monkeys idolize their Master as superior so when Master does a brag storytime about destroying you and then they mention the Flying Monkey “heroics” in the ego-stroking orgy, to them it’s like being invited on stage by your favorite band member in a live concert.

This means what the Flying Monkey does for the Egopath isn’t done out of love for Master, but to stroke their own ego by seeking validation from those deemed more powerful than themselves.

Flying Monkeys are stuck in the Idealization phase with Master Egopath, if they don’t they are eliminated quickly by the Egopath who has more than enough dirt on them. The constant worship/love bombing and living vicariously through Master Egopath is what truly gives Flying Monkeys away as Egopaths themselves.

A Flying Monkey is a knowing and willing accomplice so it doesn’t matter what you say to them, they already know you’re innocent. They get Dupers Delight when the Scapegoat keeps trying to convince them and change their minds about the Scapegoat being guilty. This game strokes their ego, don’t play it. Flying Monkeys won’t ever let on because then the game ends!!! It’s much more fun to keep upsetting you by pretending you’re guilty. Also if they fail, Master will take it out on them and punish them. Speaking of punishment, Flying Monkeys deserve the same punishment as their ringleader.

If you don’t believe that the ego-stroking orgies are real. If you just think Flying Monkeys are getting nothing out of mindlessly obeying their Master because that’s just what they do. Well, it’s time to start believing such losers can and do exist.

Flying Monkeys are committed to being just that much of a loser. Their motives are fitting for why they are such a loser. Because in their low functioning Egopath mind, they are the best thing ever, all that’s left is feeling that way and Master Egopath provides them with Supply and victims to abuse. They don’t need to think for themselves at all, even about how readily they’ll be scapegoated if needed by their Master.

Know you can always strike fear into a Flying Monkey. Eventually, the Flying Monkey(s) will approach you. After they say something or ask a question about you, instead of answering their questions, tell them directly in a calm yet stern voice “Hey, go back to your master and report you’ve failed him/her.”… Repeat as needed…

This works because they fear master, fear failing master, fear reporting to master that you said they’ve failed …. and the cherry on top is you’ve foiled their ultimate ambition, their Raison D’être… (You probably know where I’m going with this) … That’s right, their ego-stroking orgy dreams have been taken away by you. Awwww, you’re no fun to abuse!

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7. Tongue Biter

These people remain silent because they are afraid, rationally so. They know how much of a bully the Egopath is, and they know they’d be the next scapegoat if they confront the bully.

They probably have seen it happen, or maybe it happened to them long ago. Unlike the Floater, Tongue Biters have empathy and integrity. They will not be a false witness, they know what they saw and if called out, they will likely tell the truth. Some can be reasoned with and can even be temporarily secretly allied with.

In an Egopath Controlled Abusive Family Environment, the Tongue Biter role is better known as The Lost Child role. The Lost Child is likely (after many failed attempts to gain favor) to become aware there is something wrong with the family and would rather not be paid attention to avoid getting into trouble.

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