The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Egopath His Circle Of Slaves

2. Enabler

Enablers allow Egopaths to get away with unacceptable things. Sometimes an Enabler is powerless to stop it.

Most times they aren’t. There are a few defining types of Enablers, let’s dive in!

3. Follower

A follower is an enabler that trusts the Egopath. This results in siding with the guilty Egopath over the innocent victim(s). There are many types of followers the Egopath uses to have their way with their victim(s).

4. Supply

The Egopath maintains its massive yet fragile ego through dominating and receiving worship. It must be constant. It must be endless. Sadly, it will never be enough.

In a Family Environment, a child may decide to help the family, to make everyone feel better knowing full well they won’t be well received. They take on the family role of the Mascot/Clown. In return for being a voluntary scapegoat to make a peace offering (providing supply), they can and will gain confidence in their own abilities at making things go their way.

The Mascot role is an empowering one but depending on the child they may see it as a way to help others, or a way to manipulate others. Note that because the Mascot role is empowering to the role player, it does not belong in the Circle of Slaves, as all roles are only meant to empower one very very special entity, the great and powerful Egopath.

5. Grade A Supply

The Egopath is on their best behavior for Grade A. Initially. Then boredom sets in and a new Grade A is found, with the previous unknowingly becoming demoted secondary supply and slowly abused worse and worse.

The role of the Grade A Supply is to be lured into a false sense of security. Once lured, the Egopath grooms the victim to trust the Egopath over themselves.

The role of their victim is changing from Grade A Supply to The All-Giver. This amounts to the payoff in this psychological pump ‘N’ dump scheme, where the Egopath is done investing to earn trust, and now takes everything, including the very will to live, out of their victim.

6. Flying Monkey

Part Cheerleader Part Enforcer, all bad news, and no brain. These Lesser Egopaths are knowing and willing accomplices who live vicariously through their Master Egopath. They do as they are told and are in on it. They are just as guilty as their ringleader and deserve the same punishment.

They enforce the smear campaigns and cheer on the Master abusing others. Like friends cheering you on drinking beer at a pub/bar but instead of cheering “Drink, Drink!”, it’s “Abuse, Abuse!”. If in public the victim cries and the Master laughs, expect cheers and applause from the flying monkeys.

They also Triangulate on behalf of the Egopath, they go undercover to get dirt on the target and report back to their master any information that the Egopath can further use against said target. Ohh, double agent, too, how important and special you are Lesser Egopath, to bypass boundaries meant for the Master Egopath and violate someone’s trust. Flying monkeys are dumbed down low functioning Egopaths and shouldn’t be reasoned with, but ignored.

Flying Monkeys are low functioning Egopaths, dumbed down by their master as needed. There is a possibility a Higher functioning Egopath has teamed up, those ones fit the role of Advocator. Advocators also try to get dirt on you to personally help create Master Egopath’s false narrative. In return, they have some supply sent their way. Expect Advocators to be Covert Egopaths who have no Flying Monkeys of their own and are smart enough to not trust Master Egopath via mindless obedience.

No Flying Monkey is unaware, they are in on it. Unaware people are Unknowing Pawns. Dupes. Therefore, you cannot be both an unknowing pawn and a flying monkey. Furthermore, those who meet the All-Giver role sometimes think they were a Flying Monkey. They never were, yes they helped the Egopath, but they never purposefully hurt others for the Egopath. You are not a Flying Monkey if you ever loved the Egopath. But if you Idealize the Egopath and want to actually be them, well, that sounds like an Egopath to me.

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