The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Egopath His Circle Of Slaves

Behind each role lies Egopath’s goals. That’s the point of having a role, to achieve one or more goals.

Think of the roles as ways to empower or enable or feed the ego of The Egopath.

Without these roles, The Egopath loses MUCH of their power over another.

I created strict criteria to help define each role:

  • Each role must benefit The Egopath
  • Each role must be unique in the way it benefits The Egopath
  • Each role includes being guilty of doing “something”, this key identifier serves as a red flag or reliable indicator to know if someone is guilty of being in this role. Generally, the guilty deed is also unique to the role.
  • Each role can represent a false positive, but you are to treat each false positive as real. This ensures quality control on picking a key identifier to ensure as few false positives as possible. Too many false positives mean you have a flawed role defined and the role needs to be redefined or eliminated.
  • A person can be in multiple roles but some roles contradict each other so you CANNOT BE IN BOTH CONTRADICTORY ROLES AT THE SAME TIME. Again, this ensures quality control to ensure roles are flexible enough to be overlapping rather than excluding other roles
  • Some roles require Egopaths approval. Where only the Egopath can put you in that role such as Favorite and Grade A Supply
  • A Role only needs to exist in at least one power structure (or manipulation tactic) to qualify for The Circle of Slaves. Not all Egopaths have Flying Monkeys but that role is VERY REAL.
  • All roles must be based on personal experience and/or overwhelming evidence. No making up roles just cause they sound kewl, yo! Quality over Quantity baby!
  • Yeah, I’m not gonna top that last one there… oh, the roles need to be explained in such a way in which a child could understand. It’s not necessary that an adult will understand as adults are far more sophisticated in their delusions than a child.

By knowing these roles, you can now understand the odd behavior of the Egopath. They are always trying to put you in a role and attempt to modify your behavior to play said role. This allows you to understand and expose an Egopath’s goals like never before. Which is really important to identify these toxic predators. What I do know is we now have this power at our disposal. To expose an Egopath quicker than ever before!!! To never be taken advantage of again by these manipulators!!! To never play their game of control!!! My purpose behind making The Circle of Slaves was to empower the good guys for a change instead of an Egopath. Judging by the extremely positive feedback on the work, I’d say it’s working not just as designed but most importantly, as intended.

If you want to know more about an egopath, then check this video out below:

Egopath His Circle Of Slaves Pin

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