The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Egopath His Circle Of Slaves

The Broken Empath only ends up confirming the Egopaths made-up a story that a Broken Empath is just a crazy person, maybe one of many Crazy Exs! The Egopath knows how the Broken Empath reacts and will fabricate a story with ease when needed. In this tragic way, the Broken Empath is being used to strengthen the deceptions of the Egopath. The Broken Empath warnings are repurposed by the Egopath into an invitation for their new prey, showing off what a heart of gold Master Egopath has looked after someone so paranoid and crazy.

The saddest truth is the Broken Empath is living proof you can’t help people that can’t help themselves. Who has given up on themselves.


I want people to laugh but I also want people to know I’m not joking when I say Egopaths are soulless meat suits. They are devoid of empathy, integrity, morals, and humanity. Again, Broken Empaths are living proof my words are true. Only a soulless evil monster could break someone so badly to never be happy again.

I completely agree with Xavier from Laughing at Narcs website that Broken empaths are in every sense the Egopaths Greatest Invention.

If only they knew sooner what they were dealing with and that Egopaths deserve nothing. Give them nothing.

I personally believe anyone can come back from rock bottom if given the support to help them back, to give them something to fight for. Like fighting for themselves, to encourage them to fight for themselves because they’re worth it, they deserve to forgive themselves. This is the badly needed self-love and self-respect they deserve but are so hurt they need help from others getting there.

To any Broken Empaths reading this: You did all in your power but you didn’t know they were an irredeemable loser. You are here because you fought ONLY for them and NEVER for yourself. You might think not giving up was the problem, but no, you didn’t give up because you are strong. You just didn’t know they weren’t worth your time and effort. If you did know, you would have quit like a winner quits doing bad things.

Losers can’t quit because that requires willpower, they can only give up. Quitting is taking action and responsibility while giving up is avoiding action and responsibility. Quitting is facing reality, Giving up is doing nothing in reality.

You might be convinced you should give up, but that was never the solution. What you really needed to do all along was forgive yourself for not knowing what you know now. Don’t worry about trying to prove it, you know what happened. You owe yourself a favor now. You need to take care of yourself now. Take that chance to live again.


FAQ: Why learn about this game of control?

If you know the system, you know the game and you really know how it’s played. You have a distinct advantage over your competition.

And make no mistake about it, you’re in a game whether you like it or not.

It’s up to you how well you play it or whether you get played.

Know the rules, know your options, and know how to use the system to your advantage.

~ Dr. Phil (Life Code)

Imagine the Narcissist is your toxic competition and the game is their game of control… now this advice makes perfect sense.

FAQ: I think I’m in a game of control, what now?

Do not play into their game or play by their rules. In an Ego War, these losers win by you going to war in the way they expect you to, this only feeds their ego. Do not fight pointless battles or listen to them or agree with them like they want you to. Don’t feed their ego. You need to amass evidence if you can, make friends with the higher-ups, don’t try to convince the Enablers, that’s what they want…. put yourself in as much of an advantageous position as possible. If you just let them think they’re winning, they won’t change tactics in response to being called out, use that to your advantage. They have a deadline and it’s being enforced by their ego. Everything they do is to feed their ego.

FAQ: What is the most important thing to learn?

All of it is equally important to avoid being taken advantage of. These predators are opportunistic and you need to avoid giving them even the slightest opportunity because they will take advantage of it.

For those curious how I went about the diagram and definitions:

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