The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Egopath His Circle Of Slaves

Winners intend to cause wins and losers intend to cause loss. That’s the difference between a winners mentality and a loser mentality. Success and failure are not what makes someone a winner or a loser. Success and failure come to all but it is the winner that won’t let any of it define their personalities.  What is dependent on you being a winner or loser is if you can RESPONSIBLY HANDLE not just success but also a failure. Winners can and losers cannot. Egopaths cannot. Egopaths are Losers

Egopaths are pure evil and they will try to bring out the worst in you to make you more like them… a loser. Why? Egopaths cannot control winners. They need you to be a loser somewhere in The Circle of Slaves so they can rule over you as King of all Losers.  They are not a Ruler of Winners, they are a Loser King. All the losers who would have a loser for their king truly are losers themselves that vote against their own self-interest.

An Egopaths identity is the Mask of Perfection, a false perfect self that is perfect, always right, desired, justified, in control, and owed everything. They invent this false perfect self because they hate their real mortal flawed self.

Injuring their fragile ego exposes the truth to themselves and they will only hate themselves even more for being a fraud, for having a personality of lies upon lies. This is why the Egopath will get worse and worse throughout their life, they fear being exposed they are living their biggest lie above all else. Underneath their Mask of Perfection is nothing more than a weak-willed, immature, hateful, self-entitled, egotistical, egocentric fraud who can’t deal with reality.

An Egopath also has a False Narrative that they want to subscribe to you. In this false narrative, they are in complete control and if they can get you to believe their false narrative is reality, they control you. You are to play by their rules in whatever role they assign you in their control game which always is to make them feel good about themselves. Egopaths never want you to challenge their False Perfect Self or their False Narrative, if you try to correct them that it’s not real they will Ego Rage with all the fear and hatred they have to shut you up. They cannot handle any accountability or criticism.

Egopathy is the Prioritization of Feeding the Ego. The more the ego can be fed by something, the more desirable and important it becomes to have. This is why Egopaths tend to have all the Dark Triad/Dark Tetrad personality traits, each one aids in feeding their ego. This results in the willingness and tendency to abuse others without any restraint, guilt, remorse, or empathy towards their victim(s).  And why would they have any of that?  None of that helps feed the ego.

Furthermore, Dark Triad Traits are deceptive in that they can express themselves as other traits we value by playing on your assumption everyone has some good in them. You think you see confidence, but it is arrogance. You think you see calm under pressure, but it is indifference. You think you see a person who will do the right thing, but they will do wrong if they feel they will not get caught or punished.

What you see advertised is both misleading and false. Again, The Dark Traits of Psychopathy, Machiavellian, and Narcissism can appear as positive or even altruistic traits that provide valuable deception to a psychological manipulator. Ex. Delusionally believing you deserve credit for someone else’s hard work and therefore able to take credit without actually lying.

There is nothing healthy about their Egopathy. They have no self-love, only self-hatred which they continually must direct towards others. Anything that conflicts with the false narrative or their false perfect self must be destroyed. That usually means the truth. These Egopaths try to destroy your life with lies and deceit because theirs is destroyed by the truth and evidence.

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