The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Egopath His Circle Of Slaves

In short, a broken person can be saved, but an evil person CAN NOT. An evil person cannot be saved and furthermore you will need to be saved from them. You put up with evil too long, you now owe yourself a favor, the favor is you need to save yourself. Fight for yourself.

These All-Takers won’t set limits on what they take, you must set limits on what you give. Don’t let your feelings for the person you WISH they stopped you from setting these limits. If it helps, do you really think the person you WISH they were wouldn’t be ok with you having healthy limits on what you give? Face it, they’d be happy you respect yourself. Stop being an All-Giver.

The only person you need to forgive is yourself for not knowing such evil losers existed. The Egopath tries to turn you into a loser, they don’t feel sorry, they aren’t hurting over this, they don’t deserve any of your forgiveness.

Your feelings are real but the person you loved was all an act to gain your trust only to betray you over and over. The only thing real about Egopaths is that they are a real piece of crap. So much so that we’d all be better off if this black hole incarnates buzzed right off to infinity and beyond! So beyond they are exiled out of our existence, never to take from anyone ever again with their psychological warfare.

18. Broken Empath

The Broken Empath is the Egopath’s ABSOLUTE, BIGGEST, AND ONGOING VICTORY. Egopaths are not below killing people, but murder isn’t the most satisfying victory to the Egopath.

The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Huh, it’s not?

The truth is when you are dead, what more can this monster do to hurt you? The answer is nothing. The Egopath can no longer hurt you. This is a loss of control to the Egopath. It’s still a win but with losses attached.

Now, with that in mind, what could make an Egopath happier than exterminating their enemies??? How about making their every moment of existence depressing, painful, humiliating, powerless, and terrifying. Their enemies would be alive, but not well. Not well at all. And they want to die, they want it all to end. The Egopath can taunt and tease them about it. Tempt and Torment them to it. Of course, if the enemy commits suicide or is “mercy” killed it’s the end to having more fun, but until then mmmmm tasty tasty supply…

Broken Empaths try to cope with their living hell by trying to numb themselves to their pain. They try to become Apathetic, Nihilistic, and any other way to not care anymore. They fear that if they do, it’ll just be more painful.

Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome / Narcissist Victim Syndrome is a very soft language way of saying: 

You’ve been so badly screwed over, you have been broken over and over until you can no longer be put back together. You believe you are dead and empty inside because you gave up everything for a dream that in the end, you had to give up on as well because it wasn’t real, ever. Giving up is all you can do now because it is all you have left, everything else has been taken from you.

They give up feeling. Too Painful. They give up trying. I’m Powerless. They give up hoping. I’m Terrified. They give up being themselves. I’m ashamed of who I’ve become. They give up on happiness. Depression sets in.

The Egopath wins their biggest victory when an Empath is Broken by them.

The Broken Empath has a loser mentality, the extreme version of a victim’s mentality. Unable to heal from all the abuse taken, they remain a broken mess unable to help anyone including themselves. Doomed to walk the Earth without ever being happy again.

The Broken Empath is a powerful supply for the Egopath. But the benefits for the Egopath doesn’t end there. Broken Empaths are also an effective example to keep others in line. Look what I did to them, yeah, I’ll turn you into that if you anger me.

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