The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Egopath His Circle Of Slaves

“No man is free who is not master of himself” ~ Epictetus

In an Egopath controlled abusive family environment, The Belonger role can be fulfilled by children taking on their own child roles, but each child role remains detrimental to their personal development as an individual as they must remain easy prey for idealization to further manipulate them which means never achieving individualism/self-respect/self-love.

  1. Hero/Responsible Child – sacrifices her emotions, even happiness, for the group.
  2. Caretaker/Placater – sacrifices self-respect and boundaries for the group.
  3. Mascot/Clown – despite being empowering to the role player, developing self-love and self-respect are neglected and punished due to the mandatory collectivism. The child puts too much self-worth on the group being happy instead of themselves, never prioritizing themselves first.
  4. Mastermind/Manipulator – sacrifices their empathy and integrity, likely to never become a self-actualized person, a Predator that is likely to be an Egopath.

It really is about control with Egopaths, even when it comes to their children. If children developed self-love then they are able to empower themselves and have a strong will of their own. The Egopath CANNOT allow that as they lose control and feel it’s a loss for raising a child that becomes an independent adult with healthy self-love. Where a good parent sees that as a success, these EVIL losers see that as a failure.

“I failed to help you” is a manipulator code for “I failed to control you!”

And these very monsters can fool the courts and get custody of the children to keep doing this to them. Pure evil enslavement of the human mind.

The Belonger role allows Egopath ownership of you. They make you emotionally dependent (not co-dependent, that’s reserved for Flying Monkeys) to control how you feel, to control you, to own you.

The Belonger role conditions the role player to have overdependence and overreliance on and trust in the Egopath. This intended weakness will be exploited anytime and repeatedly by the Egopath. Egopaths want to make you their slave to do with as they please. They are perfectly happy owning you and using you as they see fit.

The Belonger is Supply. The Belonger is a Follower. The Belonger is a Slave. The Belonger is guilty of sacrificing their individuality in order to belong. BEING A BELONGER, BEING A SLAVE, IS NOT WORTH IT. NEVER HAS BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE.  EMBRACE YOUR INDIVIDUALITY AND SELF-LOVE WILL COME NATURALLY.

17. All-Giver

“A Narcissist is someone who demands you give up everything in order to be their nothing. ” ~ BarbedWireNarcissism

The Egopath assigns roles to control the behavior of another. The All-Giver role is carefully utilized by the Egopath to secretly “promote” the love-bombed Grade A Supply.

It is also used as a punishment role if the Egopath deems you a threat to their fragile ego. The desired behavior the Egopath wants is what best defines this discreet role of The All-Giver and brings their nefarious ulterior motive into a clear view. Spoiler, the Egopath wants to use you up.

The name of the role All-Giver was inspired by “The Giver” or “The Naive” in Carlos Cipolla’s Taxonomy of Stupid. The All-Giver benefit others but never themselves, only losses for themselves. Most importantly, The All-Giver MUST incur losses in their sense of self which includes self-respect, self-worth, self-confidence, and self-identity.  On the Circle of Slaves Diagram, the T WHMIS symbol is present on the role because The All-Giver role is toxic to your mental health. The effects are not immediate but likely to harm you in some way & may cause death if repeatedly exposed.

Egopaths are like a black hole. Egopaths take take take, and it’s never enough, EVER. Knowing this, the Egopath realizes what would benefit them is someone who will give, give, give. An All-Giver for them, the All-Taker!

If you do not behave/play this role, you have healthy and strong boundaries and the Egopath will be unable to wear you down. The Egopath NEEDS to worsen the abuse to get their next high and you won’t stay with them if you don’t lower your standards and ultimately doubt yourself.

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