The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Egopath His Circle Of Slaves

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Let’s talk about Willpower.

Willpower is generated from self-love. If you don’t care about yourself, you cannot fight for yourself as you lack the willpower to do so.

Egopaths put an enormous amount of effort into being the biggest losers ever possible.

It is easy to assume someone’s amount of effort is a reliable measure of their willpower. But that assumption proves false. From this assumption, we draw a false conclusion, that an Egopath can change if they only redirect all that misguided effort. But the choices behind the efforts are the problem. These choices all lack or are devoid of willpower.

How much willpower does it take to not face the truth?

How much willpower does it take to be an addict?

How much willpower does it take to abuse someone that can’t fight back?

How much willpower is needed to abuse your position of power over others?

How much willpower does it take to feel you are owed everything?

How much willpower does it take to feed your ego by devaluing others to overvalue yourself?

How much willpower does it take to never admit you were wrong?

How much willpower does it take to backstab someone you pretended to care about?

How much willpower does it take to keep hating someone FOREVER and endlessly think about ruining and attempt to ruin their life?

How much willpower is needed to have your word mean NOTHING?

How much willpower does it take to be immature or unprofessional or both?

How much willpower does it take to never be personally responsible and personally accountable?

How much willpower is needed to not take action on what you don’t feel like or want to do?

How much willpower is needed to be a complete and total loser?

How much willpower do you need to be evil?



That is the secret. That they have no willpower.  Because they have no self-love to generate a willpower.

Believe it or not, anyone can become evil because being evil requires no willpower. And I think that is the secret, once your willpower is gone, you cannot stop yourself from being evil when tempted.

Let’s talk about Collectivism.

Collectivism is inherently evil due to the mandatory slavery it enforces.  Collectivism requires sacrificing your individuality for the group as if they’re owed to collect this from you. A glorified mob rule.

“If you look at all forms of collectivism, be it communism or fascism, people are reduced to animals.” ~ Jack Larson

Yet another reason Flying Monkeys is an accurate label… Animals are something we consider ok to own, like property. Think about what that means. Collectivism HAS TO dehumanize individuals to falsely justify ownership of said individuals, it must also convince followers they are doing the right and altruistic thing by sacrificing their individuality, usually, this involves trickery like cult loaded language to “repent for your sins” of being a human being.

It turns out The Belonger role is a product of Collectivism being enforced by the manipulator. That’s their cult ideology they attempt to have you follow no matter the flavor.

All Flying Monkeys are Belongers, but not all Belongers are Flying Monkeys.

Think of it like religious people and religious extremists. Neat how the word ‘people’ is removed when we describe extremists….

Collectivism is needed to keep someone weakened and therefore trapped in the Belonger role.

Collectivism is the notion that giving away responsibility for our lives to some group or somebody of authority as if we must belong to a cult, is the way to make sure everything will be OK. Belonging always feels so good at the start. But you end up belonging to a Master. Instead, be your own Master and embrace your individuality.

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