The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Egopath His Circle Of Slaves

Your reptilian complex deals in seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages, so this r-complex is great for remembering these things, all you need to do is convince your primal lizard brain that each of these is actual advantages. I recommend you eat your favorite food while memorizing these advantages and envisioning a practical scenario where each advantage will help you. Additionally, search “Why should I ADVANTAGE” where ADVANTAGE is each advantage. Ex. Why should I reserve judgment?

These advantages are specifically designed to ensure you always achieve the goal of being your own master and knowing “I am no one’s slave.”.

Remember, what ultimately wins wars are advantages!

Let’s talk about Hard Truths.  The kind you may find either empowering or depressing.

Here Are 11 Hard Truths That You Need To Believe

1. You need to embrace your individuality. 

You can think for yourself, and that is a strength, not a weakness. A feature, not a flaw. Without this self-respect, you will fail to be the best version you can be. Even without, you can still be a good person and please many people, but your life will be unfulfilled. You went through life, but you didn’t live it on your own terms.

Embracing your individuality means you’ll fight for yourself because you care enough about yourself.

2. Your consent isn’t needed to destroy your soul. 

If you think your personality or soul is safe as long as you don’t sign it away …Think again! Destructive Mind Control involves destroying your willpower in your personality. This weakens your personality. Your personality becomes easier to destroy and shape. It’s pure evil, a personality destroyed means that person is effectively murdered. You don’t have to sell your soul to anyone for them to take it away from you bit by bit.

Want to know more about how you protect yourself? Read 5 Steps To Disarm A Narcissist and Protect Yourself From Their Wrath

3. Willpower alone is not enough. 

No amount of willpower will make your willpower immune to being slowly and completely dissolved away by destructive mind control. The only thing more willpower gets you is more time and effort on the manipulator’s part to destroy it.

4. Assertiveness/Confidence alone is not enough. 

No matter how assertive or confident you are, doubts are constantly entering your mind, courtesy of the Destructive Conditioning in Destructive Mind Control. The only thing more confidence and assertiveness get you is more time and effort on the manipulator’s part to destroy it.

5. Leaders produce leaders. Bosses produce Followers. But Evil … Evil turns others into slaves.

6. Just because someone is being friendly doesn’t mean they’re really your friend. 

7. Forgiveness is only right when waiting for what we’re owed comes at too high a cost. 

8. Strong Boundaries that do not directly combat being taken advantage of being useless. 

Yes, if it’s not specific Anti-Slave boundaries, it will be allowed or circumvented and overall be 100% useless.

9. Brainwashing is reversible but Destructive Mind Control is Irreversible.

10. People on their deathbed regret Belonging over embracing their Individuality. 

When a survey was done about the regrets of the dying, people regretted what they didn’t do in life. The number one regret was “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”. All these people wished they were more of an individual. More of a Leader and less of a Follower.

I speak from my personal experience, once you embrace your individuality you really don’t worry about trying to belong. You become your own Master.

And this brings to light the next truth.

11. The truth is you shouldn’t be anyone’s slave. 

Because no one deserves to be your master except you. That is what being an individual is, and to lose that is to lose everything.

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